Digimon Adventure “A New Darkness, Millenniumon” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “A New Darkness, Millenniumon”! Like all manga around this time, the break between episodes was nice, but now it’s time to jump back into it. And in the case of Digimon Adventure? Things were really getting good as Agumon finally fully evolved into WarGreymon. Not to mention seeing the creators continue to make this soft reboot more of their own through a differing understanding of how the Digital World works.

Now the best thing about this episode was the way that they prioritized plot progression this time around. One thing I will be honest about the original run, is that they never did do enough when it came to creating depth to the lore. In this run of Digimon Adventure, they seem to have no problem with jumping right into the ancient past of the Digital World. This time around even being a bit more transparent about what the Chosen Ones are supposed to be doing. That part I loved the most. I know some out there might believe that the kids are simply being handed all the answers they need. However, this has been the best way to maintain a sense of direction, and without creating the problem of pulling us in too many directions.

When this next chapter of the story began, I remember feeling concerned because when the Chosen Ones split, that usually mean that they were ready to let things drag on a bit. That would have been very problematic to me, because Digimon is the kind of series where you want things to happen, and you want things to happen which matter.

So with that said I also appreciated them not waiting too long to get around to the importance of Lopmon being there with Taichi and Sora. As some will know, this is the starter form for one of the major Holy Digimon. Lopmon was giving enough looks in the previous episodes that there was no way that they weren’t planning to reveal something greater about its purpose in being there at this very moment. I was at the same time taken back for the fact that being a Holy Digimon allowed for this Digimon to do a lot of things you weren’t used to seeing from it. I mean Patamon, Gatomon, and even Piyomon are all branches of greater Digimon and yet you never see them pull off half the feats that this one did to assist the Chosen Ones in their escape from the forest.

And this brings us to the understanding of the title for this episode. I didn’t mind that they revealed Millenniumon to be the big bad at the end of this, or that there might be something coming that’s worse than Millenniumon. It’s not an evil Digimon who played this big of a role in the story before, and surely enough there might be some twists to it that should make the encounter just as unique as Devimon’s.

Aside from this, the action was great too. There was plenty of opportunity for both Agumon and Piyomon to show what they could do against some new enemies. That is despite the disappointment I did feel towards them giving Greymon more room to shine than the Digimon who actually was in her element.

Now as this episode approached, the big hype towards it was the introduction of a new Digimon. This one instantly became a favorite to many because it was a Digimon that you’ve never seen like this. For some of us older fans, our favorite Digimon who took on the role of transport was either Trailmon, or it was Whamon. This new creation in Komondormon was an excellent way of shaking things up because what better combination could you ask for than one that it half dog half vehicle? I mean the design itself was commendable enough for the creativity that went into meeting you halfway there for making this over-sized dog a transport vehicle without doing too much.

In the end, it is good to have Digimon back and hitting the ground with the same energy. Overall, Digimon Adventure “A New Darkness, Millenniumon” succeeded in creating a stronger vision of what we should expect in the episodes to come.

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