Black Clover “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 159, “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows”! Last week Black Clover delivered on everything you could have wanted at the start of this story. The name Dark Triad is now on everyone’s tongue, we’ve seen more of the horrors they put their people through, and we know the kind of fight these magic knights are now able to take to them.

Some might call this a slow episode in contrast to the way that they hit the ground running last week, but I don’t mind spending a little more time getting to know the magic knights who trained hard those six months. Last week was for the most part our opportunity to get a taste of the power they achieved over the course of their training. Though this week offered the opportunity to get to know the individuals they have grown into. As I have said before, for some of these guys it was equally important to address the fact that some of them had some growing to do as people. Let’s take Noelle for example, it was nice to get a full episode without her calling herself royalty or relying on that mentality to escape a humbling situation.

It was endearing to get a chill moment in general where some of these characters could just talk with each other and show us what is at stake from a different perspective. What’s coming is war. After all this time, these people have become close friends. This is going to make things all the more tense when the last thing you want is to see any one of them on the chopping block. You get this feeling that someone is going to get made an example out of for the sake of showing that the Dark Triad means business. And you know it is going to suck because any loss is going to hit extremely personal.

Now one of  the big things for this episode was also seeing just what happened to Charmy. Also known as the magic knight who really had no business being there in the first place. Obviously they had to throw someone in there for the comic relief, and she filled the role just right. That is despite me personally feeling like the character can be too outrageous at times. Now with that said, I will give credit where it is due that they did not miss out on the chance to show just how powerful she can be with the addition of the Heart Kingdom’s training.

Now by the end of the episode, I was certainly shocked by the reveal of Yuno’s true origins. You know, when it came to Black Clover, so much happened in this series and happens that the last thing that was ever on my mind was the question of where he came from or what happened to bring him to the doorstep of the church. It’s shocking to see that he came from a family that once held power and importance. It begs more questions to be asked, and at the same time makes you wonder where Asta came from that he ended up in the same place at the same time.

All in all, Black Clover “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows” was a solid follow-up from last week’s return to the main story.

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