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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Seven Secrets #6! And here we are right on time. That terrible fate which we knew was going to befall The Order. As I said last month, if you told me that by the end of Seven Secrets #5 we were pretty much right there for events to come full circle? I would not have believed you. Though here we are, and this creative team gave us a damn good reason to brace for what comes next this month. Especially since it looks like there’s nowhere left for The Order to run, and in a trap of their own making.

Now the good thing here is what this creative team was able to dodge after creating this situation for The Order. Normally under these circumstances, one of two things are going to happen. The entity like The Order will either get slaughtered under the weight of the situation they find themselves in, or they tear themselves apart given the idea that someone must have given information to the other side. Fortunately for us, this creative team decided to go with the choice which shined a brighter light upon the image they have already created for The Order. This could have been a straightforward loss, but it mattered much more seeing that in moments like this they could stand tall and fight against the overwhelming odds. Though this isn’t to say that they were willing to throw us into some impossibly heroic moment, because we’ve never been given the impression that this was that kind of story. So when things got bad? I admired that they allowed things to get as bad as they could for the Holders and Keepers.

And it was one thing to give the Seekers the face of Amon, though another thing entirely to shake things up with this new leader. Things were not as they were before considering how out for blood this new leader turned out to be in contrast. Though for us? This was probably a good thing, because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten to see just what kind of secrets these cases could contain. Some things definitely too dangerous to be released from the case AT ALL. Other things with the possibility to do things you couldn’t imagine.

Though with that said, this brings us to the big thing for this issue. That being the fact that we were supposed to be seeing some heroic sacrifice from Caspar to save The Order. I mean Caspar for sure made a big decision that would forever change the course of his story moving forward, yet at the same time there was still an actual sacrifice that they made us feel this was building up to. Only that part let me down since that was really not as it seemed. There was a scene which did raise some questions, but nothing which had to do with a sacrifice or choice to leave anyone behind. Ultimately not a problem for the issue, but still.

That aside, I liked the interior work for this issue. This was a big battle which unfolded between The Order and The Seekers. Which makes it great that we have an art team working on this book who can handle so much going on at once. I mean there was Holders versus Seekers, versus tanks, versus a staggering number of enemies in general. Yet you didn’t see these artists waver once going from one scene to the next. You got every clash, every explosion, there was nothing important that wasn’t seen with clarity. And considering the kind of book Seven Secrets is, I was impressed that they were willing to go to those places to show just how violent of a war this is. Especially when you are on the receiving side of a loss. Someone had to bite the dust, and this person took their licks. What brought this all together was of course the colors which made this all feel like a blockbuster moment. The highlights, boldness, and other varying effects made a big difference in immersing you in the action.

And just like that, the events of Seven Secrets #6 changes everything about the direction this story will take. Where there was actually order, now there is survival, and even chaos among their own ranks. Things should only continue to get interesting from here.

Seven Secrets #6




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