Dr. Stone Season Two Premiere “Stone Wars Beginning” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the season two premiere of Dr. Stone, starting with “Stone Wars Beginning”! This is one of those series I have been waiting for a long time to come back. The anime series whose humor is gold because of the approach it takes towards embracing the power of science. Though with this second season we now have a war brewing between those who embrace science, and those who believe that thew new world’s civilization should be one where only the strongest rule. You never know how a conflict like that will turn out, and that’s why we’re here for it!

Now with the start of this second season, I didn’t mind that they did their own little recap of the events which set all of this in motion. It’s been a long time since the end of season one, and you definitely want to make sure that the strictly anime viewers are beginning on the same page as everyone else with a refresher.

From there, they wasted little time jumping into the last preparations before the war would begin. I mean one would have assumed that the cell phone was going to be their last project before springing into action, but there was still one more thing that they had to make to ensure that they had the advantage of being prepared. This part I didn’t mind either because it made sense that Senku would go for something that is more quality of life improvement than just worrying about what gives them an edge over Tsukasa’s army in battle. Now because this episode spent so much time putting this together, I’ll just go ahead and say that they were trying to make instant-ramen. I was thrilled at the idea of this since this was not something you expecting them to think vital to success, and neither did you expect that you would learn the process of creating dry storage foods in general. The process obviously isn’t one-hundred percent what you would see in a factory, but much of the creations we witness in this series is easily do-it-yourself instructions.

That said, what took me by surprise was seeing that even then there was one more surprise they put together before making their move. This wasn’t on the inventive side, though leaned more towards being clever with what they already have. I was also impressed by who put together this last-minute plan too. It was good to know and be reminded that Senku isn’t isn’t the only smart guy in the room. Everyone who knows how to think on their toes has something to offer, and Senku is just the guy who knows best how to take advantage of that potential.

By the end of the episode I also appreciated the fact that they put the time into stressing what the stipulations for victory were for Senku. Another thing you could have easily assumed was that this would just come down to one side defeating the other, but it was always much more than that for Senku. They made sure we all understood that at the end of the day the main objective was seizing control of the cave where their main resource to revive people could be found.

All in all, it is good to have Dr. Stone to look forward to again. The season two premiere “Stone Wars Beginning” took every opportunity to remind us what were missing, and give us plenty to anticipate as The Science Kingdom kicked things off making the first move.

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