Digimon Adventure “Soaring Hope” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “Soaring Hope”! After the events of last week’s episode, we walked away with a lot of insight into what kind of war is brewing between the light and the darkness. Not to mention we also were given a lot to look forward to in terms of how the Chosen Ones would be guided through their adventure. With each new interaction they have with the Holy Digimon, the clarity continues to grow.

Now going off of what I have said about the past few episodes, there’s something to love about the new line of communication these Chosen Ones are now able to take advantage of. Everyone now knows what everyone else is going through in realtime. An opportunity these Chosen Ones were never afforded in the original series, and now are able to on top of much more through the advancement of the Digivice. It was funny to see who was enjoying their experience, who was obviously going to struggle on their own, and who was still going to be able to just go with the flow.

And speaking of open lines of communication, the introduction of the Komondomon into the series has also been a treat for the way that we are now able to cut through the bits which would have normally dragged on. Not everyone can travel by air like Sora or Koshiro, so the next best thing was to bring in a Digimon who could create some convenience for everyone else. As we already knew, the first person Taichi and Sora would pick-up was Takeru. It made a big difference to see how easily someone could be saved from danger just by being in the right place, and at the right time.

From there the plot thickened as we began to understand what was troubling Patamon. This could have simply just been them trying to say that evolving into a Holy Digimon of Angemon’s level was taxing. Though fortunately for us, the reasoning went much deeper than that. I for one enjoyed the depth they gave to Patamon’s experience in being rescued from the darkness, and finding his way to Takeru. It made sense that all of this was going to be exhausting, and that Patamon was going to need a push in the right direction to understand what inside of him needed to be fixed. The best part about this scene was the emphasis they placed upon what it means for a Holy Digimon to still have a role to play in this world. Moving forward they are creating a new path, instead of reviving what was once lost.

That said, what impressed me most about this episode was the opportunity they took to correct the use of Takeru and Patamon. Honestly this pairing was always problematic to me at the early stages of the story. You have Agemon whose supposed to be this powerful Holy Digimon, but because he is so powerful, the writers would usually do everything in their power to make certain that Patamon could only evolve when there’s a big bad to confront. This was usually problematic for the fact that you are denying a character a role to play just to avoid a quick finish. For this 2020 soft reboot, they corrected this by offering up an alternative to Angemon. Some could call this a cop-out, and even then it would be hard to argue that, but at the end of the day it was smart to give this pair a chance to participate in action through the use of a form which does exist between Patamon and Angemon.

Through the addition of this new player to the battlefield, the action was exhilarating this week. I know I have said that about a lot of battles in this series, yet I really did mean it this time. Once more I admired the effort this creative team puts into doing more with these Digimon when in action. There’s tactics to the way they move, to the way they use their moves, and to the way that they even create dynamics between one another.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “Soaring Hope” succeeded in being one of the more memorable episodes so far. As I keep saying, it matters seeing changes which improve the storytelling and appeal that the series may have been lacking in the past.

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