Black Clover “The Messenger From the Spade Kingdom” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 160, “The Messenger From the Spade Kingdom”! Probably one of the most important episodes of Black Clover so far. Mainly for the fact that we are now genuinely beginning to pull back the layers to Yuno. Just when he’s gotten so used to his life as a magic knight, all of that is now being uprooted by the discovery that in reality he is actually royalty.

Now with this week’s episode they were quick to jump right into the story of Yuno’s true origins. This was a scene I was very much looking forward to because I think everyone wanted to know what kind of family Yuno came from. I mean right now Yuno is a pretty cold guy, though that is what his environment made him.  This makes you wonder what could have been if he was raised much differently. Though before I get into that, I of course have to be the guy to say that it was fairly convenient that the one person who made it to Yuno to deliver this truth somehow has just the right ability to create a visual of someone’s past.

Having said that, I was surprised by the reveal of what kind of royal family he belonged to. Up to this point we have gotten to see how royalty can be at the core. Self-serving, ignorant, at worst they will be corrupt. This was the perfect opportunity to show what it looks like when this is not the case. Yuno’s parents were quite the treat to get to know between the way their guard respected them, the way their people celebrated Yuno’s birth, even for the way that they embraced each other.

Of course this brings us to where things went wrong. I wish they could have helped us to better understand how things led to the Dark Triad being created and usurping the King, yet at the same time I could understand that events had to be shown from a specific perspective. So given the perspective we followed, I definitely got chills from how tragic this turned out to be. Whatever possessed those three, aside from the Devils, it made them commit some horrific acts just for the sake of taking power for themselves. From there it was at least endearing to know how far some of them would go to make sure that a baby wasn’t going to get killed for simply being in the way.

This just left us with the action we were expecting from this episode. When you know that Yuno was going to discover his origins this week, yet also see an image of him powered up in action, it makes you wonder how you get from point A to point B. The answer to that was thrilling. That is despite also being unfortunate. With this being a war, and the heroes making the first move, obviously there was going to be a response. You just didn’t prepare for it to be as direct as making their presence felt in the Clover Kingdom. The creative team did not fail using that time to set the tone for this war too. It’s one thing to see innocent people who are being used for batteries. Another thing to see magic knights beaten to a pulp like what we have seen.

In the end, Black Clover “The Messenger From the Spade Kingdom” hits you with a mixed bag of emotions. There was a lot to process this week, and it says something when we are only on the third episode since this story arc kicked off.

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