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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DCeased: Dead Planet #7! In other words, the end to this chapter of DCeased, and possibly the conclusion to this story as a whole. The issue previous did right setting the stage for the big climax to unfold. The Life Equation cure has been both found and produced, the Amazo army has been activated and released upon the world to eliminate all unliving, and Trigon has made quite the entrance for himself in Paris. There’s so much at stake for so many different reasons and that is what made this finale so exciting to look forward to.

Let’s start with the efforts of the heroes. Because this part was of course going to be the most intense considering the odds that were stacked against them. Every minute that someone wasn’t getting the cure they were either being wiped out by the Amazo Army, or razed to the ground by Trigon. This was pretty much the worst case scenario for these heroes since their options were as slim as it gets. It made a big difference as well that this perspective was taken from Superman’s. If there was one person who wasn’t going to accept anything less than saving as many people as possible, it was him. Enough so to be the guy being right where he needed to be to give people a chance to be saved. It also didn’t hurt to have Batman with him to be the guy to say the things you expect someone logical to say in these scenarios. Nothing can be more problematic than characters who do and say the most ridiculous things because their minds are clouded by their emotions. So it is good to know that you have a creative team who knows how to cover their bases.

Now when it came to the Amazo army situation, I admired what was done to shake things up there. This part could have easily been handled from just the way that their operation was explained by Ivo. So it mattered that there was a twist thrown in to make stopping this army something easier said than done.

This brings us to the reluctant heroism of one John Constantine. What truly impressed me about this story was the writing for Constantine more than anyone else. When you think about heroism during a time where a technological virus threatens the very existence of all life on Earth? The last thing which comes to mind is Constantine stepping up to the plate to be the guy who tries to keep the world turning. While all the other heroes were trying to save what’s left of humanity, Constantine was somehow risking it all to make sure that there was still a world for them all to live in when all was said and done. I mean his last step before taking on Trigon? Brilliant if you ask me. That was what it looks like when you ask what it means to make the hard call during times like this. The only difference here was that Constantine wasn’t trying to use someone else as a pawn to get the job done. He was shockingly doing it all himself. So with that said, when it came to John Constantine goes head-to-head with Trigon? They did not disappoint us there either. It was a quick battle, yet also made you feel that everything he did up o that point was worth it.

Beyond this, I applauded the end this story received. For everything you knew that was supposed to be tragic about this series, you knew that Tom Taylor did not have it in him to do us dirty in the end. It was an ending deserved for a lot of characters on all sides of this. Not to mention deserved for those of us who followed this story to the bitter end.

Now one thing I will admit about this book is that when it came down to the artwork? It was for the most part okay, sometimes shaky at best. It’s not that there was a problem with the art team, but that is just the style they decided to go for. Though having said that, this finale was definitely where you could see this art team producing some of their best work for this book. Whether it was seeing Constantine decked out in all of his god-tier magic gear, or it was seeing Trigon in all of his powerful presence, they jumped into this one with all of the detail, clarity, and boldness that you probably would have loved to have seen more often. And when I say boldness, I do mean in terms of the colors too. What brought all of this together was the depth which was created from the colors used to breath life into these final scenes. As I said once before too, the best thing this colorist brought to the table was the patience to create complete renderings of these pages. We were immersed in this world and their struggles because we had colors which filled the pages and held onto your attention.

After the end to DCeased: Dead Planet #7? I really would be shocked if this wasn’t talked about for years to come. When you think of post-apocalyptic stories, or how even to finish one? DCeased is the story that should come to mind.

DCeased: Dead Planet #7




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