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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Once & Future #15! Even with this month’s issue, I still feel some sort of way about what happened in Once & Future #14. As I said before, that issue was a bloody mess which allowed us to see some of the more dangerous games you can get sucked into when a story is set in motion. It was a good issue which made the statement that no one should be underestimated when their backs are against the wall. This made me very excited to see what would come next with a new sense of direction.

After the events of the issue previous, little time was wasted for Bridgette and Duncan to move on to the next part of their quest. This time around the quest requiring them to return to a familiar place to pick up Lancelot’s trail. This part was chilling because you really didn’t know what to expect from this new destination. These two haven’t had the best f luck as of late, and they gave no indication that this was going to be a different experience. Especially once they revealed that there was more to this next destination than simply being the place where they would pick up a trail. Now the shocker here came from the understanding the kind of Lancelot that we were dealing with. As important as the path was, this is still the kind of story where it is always crucial to know the characters in play.

The story of this Lancelot was jaw-dropping for the fact that getting to know him was a two-part story to follow. Understanding him and the role he played was the same as understanding someone else who they didn’t really know was going to such lengths to create these roles.

Now with Rose, I was truly shocked to see the kind of trouble she would find herself in. Though at the same time I enjoyed this moment given to her. Since this adventure began, one had to wonder what kind of role she was going to continue playing. It was one thing to scribe the map, or to even get that one mission which offered the opportunity to show that she can be useful on the field. Though it goes without saying that Rose needed something more to further entangle her in this madness. It took some issues, but through this one we finally land at a place where Rose is front and center to some big revelations. The first did in fact start with her coming face to face with another member of the McGuire family she was not expecting to see. This gave us insight into the McGuire family that would leave you floored for the full understanding of just how much this family has wronged one another. By the end of the issue they really left us wanting to know who is the true villain of this story.

And even then the surprises kept rolling in when this is the issue where a certain third-party finally begins to make their presence felt. This part I tend to find fascinating because you never truly know what is going to come of their involvement. They could genuinely be helpful down the road, or they could turn into another inconvenience, but you’ll never know till they make their true intentions known.

Compared to the issues before, this one was one of the more down to Earth issues of Once & Future. Something I of course did not mind either because there’s always something to take from an issue that is more visually engaging from the way that these characters interact with one another. This art team did an impressive job of helping you to better connect with these characters when there’s nothing but their emotions to take in. The genuine shock which washes over Roses face as she learns a startling truth about the McGuire family, only matched by her bravery when faced by someone who could have been her undoing. Then you had the intensity between Bridgette and Duncan who had to once again confront a truth about their family which continued to open their eyes to what is unfolding around them. In general there was nothing but admiration for the detail and personality put into the rendering of these characters. Their faces could tell a story all their own, and so could their body language too. As usual it was the colors which brought it all together through creating the right tone and atmosphere we needed to sink into.

All in all, this was another excellent issue of Once & Future. Issue #15 was very informative for the depth given to the madness of the McGuire family. Just when you think you have seen and heard it all…

Once & Future #15




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