Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Hot Line” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Hot Line”! The season two premiere “Stone Wars Beginning” succeeded in taking every opportunity to remind us what were missing, and give us plenty to anticipate as The Science Kingdom kicked things off making the first move. The only question was if they could accomplish this first step that would ultimately give them the advantage.

Now with this being the start of the Stone Wars, everything from here would come down to how things started on their end. Meaning that getting the hot line set up at Tsukasa’s base was only as important as their ability to do so without being caught by Hamura. Where last week’s season premiere ended we saw them finally seize the opportunity to begin taking her out of the picture. This part right here impressed me for the fact that the plan they set in motion was one they probably could have executed at any time they wanted. They simply needed to wait for the time where it was absolutely necessary to make a move against Hamura.

The chase and everything about this part of the mission was as intense as you would expect. It’s one thing to try to catch someone like Hamura off guard, yet another thing entirely to actually capture her. They did not waste the opportunity to show how difficult that can be when going up against someone who is skilled in gymnastics. In a stone world, that is not something the average person trains themself to be able to handle. Or even keep up with. They made that loud and clear too when it came to the effort Kohaku put into trying to keep up with Hamura. What brought this together in the end was the time they took to also create some depth to who Hamura is. We might not know what truly motivates her, but we do know enough of her background to grasp what made her special enough to awaken and send out onto the field.

Aside from this, I admired the effort they put into emphasizing the kind of war we should expect between both sides. This is not to say that it wasn’t already addressed that Senku doesn’t want anyone shedding blood for the sake of victory, but at the end of the day these are still primitive people whose best solution to problems has always been violence if necessary.

What caught me off guard about this episode was seeing that there was so much more preparation that went into this part of their investigation than initially assumed. After what we saw from the previous episode, one would have assumed that we saw everything that they were able to put together. As a matter of fact, you probably thought you saw everything that Senku possibly needed. And then you would have been wrong when this episode came around. It was clever how they kept throwing one twist after the next to show us that there are cards Senku is still playing close to his chest. Enough so that everyone else around him was still able to be shocked and left in awe as they witnessed new creations coming into play just when things looked unpredictable.

I think finally seeing Taiju and Yuzuriha in the end was worth it all. Some of us who just watch the anime would be feeling some sort of way that this reunion was something we had to wait for, not knowing if these two would truly be alright in the belly of the beast. It was moving that in the end they could show that this was a moment Senku was waiting for too. Even after after long knowing Senku, sometimes it is still hard to fully grasp the strength of his heart. That it would mean that much to him to hear the voice of his friends once more. This was the best time to reassure us that these two matter to him, beyond the role they currently play in their war.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Hot Line” in the end was an excellent follow-up episode. They kept the ball rolling with excitement and momentum towards the battle this is building up to.

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