Digimon Adventure “The Hikari of Dawn” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Hikari of Dawn”! With a title like that, one thing could be certain. This would be the episode where they decide it is time to focus on SkullKnightmon’s intentions with Hikari.

Now when it came to this episode of Digimon, I must admit that things moved faster than I expected. Last week we had just given Patamon the episode he needed to come into his own, and then somehow we’re jumping right into what happens when the Chosen Ones catch-up with SkullKnightmon and Hikari. I mean, I would have assumed that after how many obstacles that they would have had to work pretty hard to close the gap between them. Though I suppose having Komondomon as their means of travel does make it more possible than it was before. Either way, I was just happy that we were finally getting to that point where they would bring Hikari’s story full circle. If I haven’t said it before, I have a love-hate relationship with this character. She’s great when all there and in her role, but so bothersome when just being that kid who has to be saved. From the minute we understood that Hikari was hearing voices guiding her, it was pretty obvious that this was Gatomon calling out to her in some way. The only question was when they were ready to just get to it. New viewers of course wouldn’t know this was where they were leading to, but for the rest of us they were just dragging a well-known mystery.

The only thing which did shake things up, was how Hikari would meet Gatomon in general. In the original run, how these two crossed paths was a completely different stroyline altogether. The circumstances were different, the lead took much longer, and the actual moment left you with much less questions about how things came to be than this one. Credit where it is due that this was something they were willing to do differently since you want to give more weight to Gatomon being a Holy Digimon. Not to say that the other storyline didn’t considering the way which Miotismon treated her to prevent her from realizing what she was capable of.

From there, it only made sense that this was going to lead to another confrontation with DarkKnightmon. This time around of course there was three Chosen Ones, and all at varying power-levels. What I enjoyed about this battle was the dynamic between them. This wasn’t another battle where it was just them giving Greymon and Garurumon the floor to steal the spotlight. They offered that to both Sora and Takero who each seized the moment to step up to the plate. Takeru and Pegasusmon in particular too. I loved seeing that after last week’s episode, this means that we can expect much more action from these two, instead of suffering through everything obstacle a writer will throw their way in order to keep Angemon from claiming quick victories. As for Sora, there was admiration to take from her continued ability to be right where she needed to be when Taichi was about to find himself double-teamed. . With that said, I was only a bit disappointed because things played out pretty predictable with Taichi and Agumon. Up against a threat like this, you would expect that they would have just jumped right into WarGreymon to end things. Not cycle through each evolution coming to terms with the fact that they needed real firepower if they wanted to save Hikari from DarkKnightmon. Now if someone wanted to argue this, then it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that this is them trying to make sure that a Mega evolution is something earned for a Chosen One and their partner.

As with most of these episodes, they didn’t fail to continue emphasizing what is at stake in the Chosen Ones’ world. One might not think it is too necessary to consistently give updates on the situation, but in actuality this is important towards creating a sense of urgency and holding onto it. Though I will say that I hope they aren’t going to box Koshiro into a corner where this is the only role he has to play. You always want to see them given every Chosen One the opportunity to show that they can be difference-makers when it matters the most.

And I suppose I never talk about this enough, but the animation has been stunning so far for this reboot. Anyone can say what they want about this, but what you can’t take away from this series is the quality which has gone into the visuals. There is even a great balance between what is drawn and what is CGI too. Not that this is ever really a problem for me compared to other anime viewers, but sometimes it is good to point out when the balance is there. And even the process of evolution they have done much more to make each transformation unique. Even in the case of this episode they added a bit more flare to MetalGreymon transforming to WarGreymon. Honestly I can’t wait to see what they put together when they eventually get around to warp evolutions. I remember that being heavily CGI. Though in 2021 I know they can do a whole lot better.

How we got to this episode still threw me for a loop by the end of it, though Digimon Adventure “The Hikari of Dawn” did not disappoint in the end. The Chosen Ones scored a major victory in the end. Another Holy Digimon added to their ranks, and a powerful foe brought down in the process.

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