Black Clover “Zenon’s Power” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 161, “Zenon’s Power”! If we knew anything about what was about to happen this week, we probably would have proceeded with more caution. Though it was far too easy to get comfortable with the heroes overcoming their obstacles after seeing what Asta and company are now capable of. Clearly the writer thought that this was the time to correct that.

As the fourth episode of this new arc, I was blown away by how emotional this turned out. Not even just emotional, this was as brutal as it gets in the world of Black Clover. If anyone was looking for their reason to see just how far this was all going to go with the Dark Triad? This creative team wasted no time giving you exactly that reason. I’m sure the manga readers were all ready for what was about to happen. Though the rest of us were in for a show as we all came to find out exactly why this episode was titled “Zenon’s Power”. If it was any other way than it would be Yuno’s name in the title, but even with his power that is not the case. What we were preparing to witness is what it looks like to go against one of the triad and feel powerless.

From start to finish they didn’t even hold back just to show how strong the enemies can be who are granted more devil power than others. I’m sure that all of us were ready to see Yuno storm the castle and take back control of the situation, but that would have been too easy. No, they had to take things a step further by making Yuno have to break a sweat just taking on these guys who you possibly assumed were just stooges. That was at least how I viewed them until Yuno sprung into action.

What made these next two battles intense was the fact that we were at the same time seeing some of the stronger members of the Golden Dawn step up to the plate. They may not have had that much power to be difference-makers, but they certainly weren’t pushovers enough that they could go down as easily as the others. I even appreciated the small focus they placed on those who should have had more to offer since they still had the power of the elves residing in them. Others might appreciate seeing a side to the Golden Dawn which further changes that first impression you once had of them from the way they looked down on those like Yuno.

Which brings us to Zenon’s power. This was the most terrifying part of the episode since they had no problem at all showing us this power that is in actuality still only a taste of what he is truly capable of. I’m sure that some of us even wanted to see more of what actually transpired as Zenon battled the Captain, though it was also probably for the best that they settled on making an example of the fact that this guy can beat someone of Vangeance’s power without breaking much of a sweat. Compared to many of the other Magic Knights captains, there’s no better way to make that statement. Outside of maybe that beast of a woman.

I just hope that this is also the episode where after they begin to establish that difference between training on your own for six months, versus training with higher power mages. Part of me could not help but feel disappointment in those like Yuno who turned away the opportunity to be trained and still come up shorthanded against the lower rank mages of the Spade Kingdom.

In the end, Black Clover “Zenon’s Power” did not fail to hit you where it hurts the most. The story arc is the point in the series where you truly begin to understand how real things can get.

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