Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Call from the Dead” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Call from the Dead”! Let’s go! The episode that many of us have been waiting for so very long. When Senku parted ways with Taiju and Yuzuriha to keep them safe and as moles, many of us anime watchers were waiting for the moment when it would be time for these three to finally let each other know they’re okay. With all the pieces now in play, now it makes you wonder more than ever what comes next in this plan to defeat Tsukasa without resorting to the kind of violence Senku wants to avoid.

Now before that next part of their plan was set into play, there was the audio reunion between these three friends that we needed to indulge in. I admired the heart put into their conversation which made it feel as though nothing changed after a year. Taiju was the same big oaf, and Yuzuriha was the same kind soul who doubled down as Taiju’s better half. They found the best way to make their conversation both sincere and ridiculous since you knew that there was no way Taiju could go that long without saying something to almost kill the moment. The best takeaway from this scene was seeing how much these two have grown over the course of time. Being in the heart of the enemy, this meant that they had to know their environment. Know who was tasked to keep watch over them, know who is an enemy, and know who can possibly be turned to their side when the time came to make a move.

Which brought us to the next step in their plan. That being the mission to begin bringing people from Tsukasa’s army over to the Kingdom of Science. This part right here could have gone any way. Because there’s a lot we didn’t know about the people he chose, and plenty we still don’t know about them too. Starting with Nikki. This one right here was terrifying because unlike Hamura or the archer, Nikki is quite powerful. It was one thing to see her size, and another thing to see the kind of power she packs in her punches.

So with that said, how they approached recruiting her was where things got tense. That call from the dead wasn’t because of Senku, it was because of who they decided needed to be on the other end of the phone. You know, Lillian Weinberg. The singer who has been long deceased for many years. As with most situations like this, they pulled no punches making Senku and Gen put the work into convincing Nikki of this voice on the other end. It was the perfect situation too for the fact that this would set the tone for any other conversations to follow. They could go with the plan to use Lilli, or they will have to get creative to give that person something Tsukasa can’t. This was certainly one of those times where you truly appreciated seeing the fruits of Senku’s forwardness and honesty when it matters most.

Now at the same time it was interesting to see that there was still another part to Chrome, Gen, and Magma’s mission over there. Obviously this would have all been too easy if they didn’t run into an obstacle like one Ukyo. Like the acrobat, this one stood out as well for his ability to be both an archer and someone who knows how to assess their situation. This guy did not disappoint in making these three have to work to keep their plan moving. Chrome in particular who had a stroke of genius which he was probably due to have at this point. What surprisingly made things entertaining was the sheer fact that they played on Magma’s loud outrageousness perfectly.

Overall, I was impressed by how Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Call from the Dead” turned out in the end. In three episodes the science Kingdom has made some serious progress on their end, and we have begun to get to know at least three new characters. Two more than one, though I’m certain that will change either next week or the week after.

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