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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #10! A whole month without Far Sector was pretty tragic to endure. Especially when we are at a point in the story where Jo has found herself so engulfed by her disappointment in these people. The way they live makes no sense, the conspiracies they weave are harmful to anyone who doesn’t benefit them, and every corner Jo turns there’s so many things wrong yet covered up by those in power. Where do you draw the line in the sand for people who need real order in their lives, but do everything in their power to hold onto their idea of it?

Now before we really get into that question, there was one big thing to address about this issue. From where we last left off, Jo was simply infiltrating this place and seeing all of these illegalities with her own eyes. It made you wonder where things went wrong that the first thing we would see from this new issue is a cover of her being beaten down and arrested. For what exactly was she being arrested for? And how on Earth did they manage to get the best of her like that? Now how she ran into trouble there was a no-brainer. Obviously Jo was going to see something she didn’t like, and obviously she was going to drop her cover in that moment. This part didn’t surprise me because that is what you expect from Jo at this stage in the plot. She’s seen enough, and everything after that is just a trigger for her to spring into action and correct what she doesn’t like seeing. So it was what happened after which would catch you off guard. Though even then I was thrilled for the fact that Jo was still able to hold onto some sanity before unleashing hell.

Which brings us to what followed Jo’s arrest, because that was where things became very interesting. This part here is what I loved most considering this book is always at its best when addressing right from wrong on this world. It was overall a powerful scene for Jo that again she was put in a position to tell people off about the way that they have been doing their job. It’s one thing for the council to be part of the problem, but it is another thing to see how the people who are supposed to enforce the law are knowingly turning a blind eye to everything wrong. Kind of familiar to our own world, right? She hit right where it hurt the most being plain blunt with someone who she expected much more from.

The message was clear by the end of this issue. “Do you serve the council, or do you serve justice”? And in this day that means a lot. It’s the same thing as asking you do serve the people with money and influence, or do you serve the people who should be protected from them? A question that most should have to answer in the issues remaining of this book. How this creative team chose to shake things up by the end of the issue was one hell of a way to set this as the climax.

That said, what really brought this all together was the stellar work from this art team. This wasn’t the most action-packed issue compared to those previous, but it was just as important for the engagement experienced from these characters. It made a world of difference to see what would come of these characters being pressed for the truth in their actions. With Jo in particular, everything she felt and wanted to express she wore right on her sleeves. It always makes sense that she is going to be the most expressive in any given scene. The angriest, most reactive, not to mention most reliant on the use of body language to make a stronger point. At the same time it was personable to see these other characters try to figure out how to respond to Jo’s anger and disappointment. Aside from this, I loved the use of perspective when the action hit. The use of overlays too. And there was no denying the impact which using the right colors for atmosphere did for some of the more key scenes.

As the climax, Far Sector #10 did not let us down one bit. It was a satisfying climax to what has changed the game entirely. We now move forward with a better understanding of what is really at stake here, and who the true enemy is.

Far Sector #10




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