Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Full Assault” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Full Assault”! The title of this episode gave me some chills. Mainly because the impression we were given was that at some point in this episode there was going to be a battle. For those of us here for the anime, that leaves much to the imagination when it comes to how the science kingdom plans to engage without casualties.

First off, the follow-up from last week’s episode was solid. As quickly as they wrapped things up with Nikki the Guard joining the party, they jumped into what role she would play in helping Senku and Gen to make this plan work. She also did her part in adding to a plan which contained a few unknown elements they needed to be made aware of fast.

One of those unknown elements being Ukyo. It was one thing to know that this guy can hear a lot and be deadly with a bow and arrow, it was another thing to discover what makes him dangerous as a person. This took us back to the other situation that was still unfolding, because I really didn’t think Chrome and Magma were still going to be out there trying to delay someone who really could have done them in at any point. This part was where things got interesting considering the things you don’t expect when there are complications to a plan. Up to this point we have gotten so used to things going Senku’s way that it is always hard to imagine what happens if they hit a wall. Right now that just so happened to be Ukyo.

How the diversion ended will definitely catch you off guard, though what will probably get you more is what happens after. This created a unique opportunity for someone outside of those revived from stone to see what is up within the Tsukasa Empire. At the same time this part was chilling for the fact that you don’t fully know where Tsukasa’s head is at about this war. He is the bad guy, so to speak, but is he really the kind of guy who will kill anyone who sides with Senku? The answer to that was satisfying, although chilling since they definitely did tease us with the worst case scenario.

What came of this on the Science Kingdom’s end did not disappoint either. Their response was as creative as it gets, leading to a new scientific creation that I truly did not prepare for them to need just yet. Not that I would argue against it either. What we love about Dr. Stone is the way that this series dares to defy. There is no true excitement without a proper challenge to the impossible in a stone world.

All in all, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Full Assault” was an episode of one bold move after the next. This is a different kind of war that we should brace for.

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