Digimon Adventure “The Glowing Angewomon” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Digimon Adventure “The Glowing Angewomon”! Well it’s been a couple of episodes now, which means according to the pacing of this show, now would be the time for Tailmon to reach a new level of power. The big question for this week was how they planned to take Tailmon and Hikari to that next level.

Now this week’s episode wasn’t entirely as compelling as the episodes previous. They fell pretty heavy into their episode format which left things feeling predictable. I mean there wasn’t any real build-up to the action either. They simply did that thing where they make a little progress in traveling, run into an enemy Digimon, and find out that taking this enemy down is going to be easier said than done. This time around it was only a bit different for the fact that this enemy Digimon was given a bit more of a helping hand in power compared to others who came before.

The big difference was of course that they were trying to set-up a situation where Tailmon would take that next step to evolve into Angewoman. This was the only part which did grab your attention since we were being given much more context into Tailmon’s situation prior to being rescued from Skullknightmon. Up to this point you would have assumed that she was simply just being kept prisoner inside, and yet there was much more to this than what we were seeing on the surface. This at the same time created a much different situation from the original series considering in that one Tailmon was struggling more with the fact that she had no confidence in herself. In this story, Tailmon’s struggles have more to do with the fact that she was left dealing with so much fear and trauma from being swallowed by darkness for so long. It’s a big difference between being servant to darkness and being imprisoned  by it.

They also managed to shake things up by leaning heavier on what it means for Tailmon and Hikari to own the crest of light. Understanding what this genuinely meant for the two of them was a big plus. Especially since we were seeing much more of what makes Hikari special as a Chosen One too. To have the crest of light means that she doesn’t really have the room to be anything other than that light at the end of the tunnel for someone.

Now the best takeaway from this episode was probably that by the end they finally decided to get us to a point where there was nothing more important than trying to stop the chaos in the real world from exploding. This I appreciated because we have been separated from the others for far too long. And that isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed what we have gotten from this group already, because I did. However, I think plenty of us want to get back to what Joe is up to, what Yamato is up to, Mimi, and Kushiro specifically who holds the key to saving their home. It should always be important to establish that there is an urgency for them to find the root cause of these situations created in the real world.

Overall, Digimon Adventure “The Glowing Angewomon” was a solid episode. Wasn’t too much unique about the storytelling, but at least we have one more Holy Digimon added to the mix who is now without restraints.

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