Black Clover “Dante VS The Captain of the Black Bulls” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 163, “Dante VS The Captain of the Black Bulls”! As I said the week before, they are pulling no punches here. I’m all here for it, because right now we are getting to see the Black Bulls like we have never seen them before. The icing on the cake being the chance to see Yami when he has truly taken the gloves off.

After the tragedy that was last week’s episode for the Black Bulls, this week’s episode was a step in a different direction. Though before that change came, it was interesting that they used the start of this episode to really dive into the character that is Grey. I’m not going to lie, this took me by surprise because I already thought we saw everything we needed to see from this character. In fact, I thought we had already seen everything that there was to care about. To be blunt, Grey was never one of the characters I liked in this squad. She just never had enough to contribute compared to the other members, everything was more or less the same things rehashed. So it made a world of a difference to see that they actually had plans for Grey to be more than what we were seeing on the surface.

This started with seeing what kind of home Grey grew up in as a child. This part right here was shockingly depressing, because in this moment it all became clear as to why Grey is the way that she is. Her personality and flaws were all a creation of others who made her feel like transformation magic was the only way to shield herself from pain. All of this and a surprise encounter she had in her past lead to a big reveal to a dormant magic you didn’t think that she had in her.

That said, the big thing for this part of the story was seeing what would happen once Yami stepped into battle. This I have been waiting for since the minute Yami began taking his training seriously. The results did not disappoint either, because almost immediately we began to see how much Yami was able to improve by taking his spells and abilities to the next level. His mana zone was amazing, his techniques were polished, and you could tell that his senses were sharper than they had ever been before. What also made this scene so intense was the response from Dante to seeing Yami in action for himself. You could tell that he was not prepared for what it meant to square up with someone who uses dark magic.

From there they surprisingly found the time to jump back to what’s happening in the Heart Kingdom. So far what we have seen there is a tragedy. I could only be disappointed by the fact that we couldn’t get the opportunity to really see the Spirit Guardians in action. Though after discovering that March 30th would be the last episode, it only makes sense that they wouldn’t take that much time to every battle. Though at the very least you could be satisfied with being able to witness the growth of Luck. To take out the kind of foot soldier he did at the level the enemy was at? nothing short of impressive, and the animation for his battle in particular was crisp.

In the end, one could find themself more excited by the fact that we know we’re going to get to see the Clover Kingdom magic knights show off what new powers they have tapped into. That and they are going to waste little time working up to the inevitable clash between Loropechika and Vanica.

Black Clover “Dante VS The Captain of the Black Bulls” really hit the ground running in a way that I did not brace for. Once more they are on fire with this pacing. Though again, one has to hope that they are going to pump as much out of these episodes remaining. I hope I speak for all when I say that we have waited too long for this arc to be left with the feeling that they are rushing through it.

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