Review: Future State: Justice League #2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Future State: Justice League #2! This one right here I felt like I was taking a chance on more than the other Future State books. With a lot of the others you have some vague idea as to what you were getting yourself into, though this one requires you to take more of a leap of faith. More in terms of what the endgame is for the plot.

So given that stance one this book, the big thing for me was seeing where the potential for this book could be found in the second issue. This would of course have to begin with seeing the fate of the Justice League which had just lost to their doppelgangers. Though before we got into that, first they had jumped right into the deal with this Hyperclan. Some might call them a classic team, but surely enough they could just as easily be new to some readers. Either way, it was a point of interest to see just what kind of Justice League they could be posing as the real heroes. I enjoyed the contrast they created between the things they did to hold up their ruse, and the things they did behind the scenes to further their own agenda.

One good takeaway from this second issue was the discovery of what motivates the Hyperclan to do what they are doing. Something personal was driving them, and the reveal was quite the shocker. You wouldn’t think the Justice League would dish out the kind of punishment they did to villains, and yet they did. We all walked away with a good understanding of what kind of monsters were unleashed again upon the world. From there, we finally got around to the fate of the Justice League. While it did make sense that neither of them were killed by those blast, it still didn’t change the fact that in the first issue you had no idea what was really being done to them in the moment. With the right weapon just about any of them could be taken out with ease. So with that said, I was satisfied to see where they ended up, and how that would bring the situation into full perspective and clarity.

Now like last month, it was a point of interest to see just how different things could be following a team of heroes like this without any personal attachments. Their interactions contrast greatly from the original Justice League. They were more personable, which in turn created more room for respect between them. This team does not have that, which creates a more tense environment where it is much easier to step on someone’s toes without care. Part of me certainly hated this for the fact that these rules keep me from seeing the version of this Green Lantern that I am more familiar with. It makes me want to know what changed for her over time that she would decide it is better to work to keep things professional with other heroes.

With that said, things did change by the end of the issue, and that was a nice change in direction. That is despite the fact that at some point it did feel as though they were rushing through this. Even if the progress was exactly what you wanted to see from this team, the reality was that a lot was crammed into one issue. The climax, resolution, action, and set-up for what comes after. It all just happened so fast moving from one thing into the next.

Like the issue before, the one thing you could say they did best with this book was find consistency in the art. At best the pencil work was solid. Nothing you could say that you would find issue with aside from some interesting choices in perspective to the characters, though at the same time nothing you would truly say was mindblowing either. Though one thing I will say I loved seeing from this art team was the work with textures. Small things like this really made certain scenes pop. It helped getting the appeal of effects like that on top of simply bold colors, with a commendable use of range too.

All in all, Future State: Justice League #2 served as a proper introduction to what we should expect from this new Justice League. The pacing was a bit off, but the conclusion was worth being patient for things to fall into place.

Future State: Justice League #2




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