Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Steam Gorilla” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Steam Gorilla”! Even before the real war kicks off, there has been many surprises around every turn, because who would have guessed that so soon the Science Kingdom would have already created the first steam engine in the stone world? Who would have thought that they would have put together a number of other things too to suit their method of engagement? Certainly not this guy!

This episode was worth the wait too, because I was anxious to see what would happen once it was time to pack up and start heading towards Tsukasa’s empire. They did not disappoint us, and made this one of the most sincere scenes we have experienced so far in the second season. This was the part where you knew that what was coming wasn’t a game anymore. This was a heartwarming scene too. Mainly for the fact that this was the time for some others in the village to genuinely show much they appreciated what Senku was trying to do for them. I for one loved this because there is never a wrong time to give Senku the chance to prove that he cares. For all that inventive spirit, it makes a difference to know that he is consistently looking out for someone else.

That said, the next thing was of course going to be taking the steam engine vehicle out with their army and tech. This part was funny since what you imagined was something flawlessly convenient, yet find them met with some struggles which made this invention a work in progress.

Now what definitely caught me off guard was seeing how quickly they weren’t done with the steam engine vehicle. This was something they had just put together, and then so soon after there was already improvements to make to this thing. This also threw me off guard, though this also spoke to the quick pacing of the story right now. It says a lot that it matters how they make their first move. One wrong move on Senku’s part will mean that they might be forced into a violent situation. One wrong move on their part at the same time means that Tsukasa takes the advantage in a war where he pretty much already started with the advantage.

From there, things got interesting seeing things from Chrome’s perspective as a prisoner. Initially, part of me was troubled with the idea of Chrome so quickly being taken out of the big picture. Though it was hard to deny the opportunity they granted him to see what the other side is like firsthand. It mattered to see how Tsukasa was plotting, and how Chrome was responding to everything that might go wrong if the Science Kingdom isn’t fully aware of the obvious trap they were jumping into.

By the end of the episode, I appreciated seeing more of what is supposed to make Tsukasa formidable. Up to this point you would have just said that it was his brute strength, charisma, or ability to take a life for the sake of creating his vision of the world. Though after this week you would have said so for a different reason. That reason being the fact that Tsukasa knows his enemy. Being a meathead the easy assumption is that he’s going to be your average strong guy who only sees one plan of engagement. However, they wisely shook things up by showing us that you shouldn’t underestimate someone who also knows how to get into the mind of his enemy. It’s going to be one heck of an encounter when Tsukasa knows not to overlook what the Science Kingdom should or shouldn’t be able to do in a Stone World.

All in all, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Steam Gorilla” was a solid episode for the way that they already began to shake up expectation for what the first confrontation is going to look like. Everything is going to come down to who prepared for the other best, and this could go either way considering the cunning side to Tsukasa that we have now been exposed to.

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