Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 “Sage” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 “Sage”! Week after week this goodwill event has been a treat. So much should have been pretty predictable about an arc like this, and somehow they have managed to make every step of the way excitable in spite of it. After being left in awe by Nobara’s performance, I was anxious to see what comes next with Fushiguro.

With this week’s episode they were quick to throw us right into the battle between Fushiguro and Kamo. Like last week’s battle with Mai and Maki, this one was just as intense for the fact that there was some bad blood pre-existing. Maybe from one side more than the other, but still. This one was exciting because we were finally seeing Fushiguro fighting a bit more serious than we have normally seen him. He didn’t do anything mindblowing, though this time around you could definitely see where it benefits someone like him to have an excellent battle sense. Which in turn works wonders against someone who has the advantage of being able to manipulate their own blood for various boosts.

I was only disappointed because despite this being the episode where we jump into action with Fushiguro, he was still revealed in the end to be holding back. This killed me because I really want to know what kind of power he is really hiding. Is there a reason for someone like him to hold back? Or is holding back just something he does depending on the situation? I only hope that maybe with an escalation of events, he is going to feel more motivated to let loose. Given who he is now up against, this should be something to looked forward to next week.

Once more the pacing was pretty crazy for this series. We’re on the fourth episode, and this episode just so happens to be the one where they decide it’s time for the villains to invade. We all knew that this moment was going to come eventually. You don’t create an OP like this for an arc and not create the expectation that the villains are going to make a move during this goodwill event. I personally just didn’t expect that this would all descend into madness so soon. That said, this was probably for the best too.

In turn for this change in direction, it was appreciated that this has evolved into an opportunity to see some of the adults in action. Some we have seen the power of, though others we have not. Out of all of them involved, it would definitely be the principal you want to see in battle too. For someone with a cold heart and willing to get others to do his dirty work, it makes you wonder what he is capable of when doing the hard work himself.

Aside from this, it was nice that they could go back and address what else the principal may have had up his sleeve to ensure that Itadori didn’t walk out of this alive. While his plan wasn’t too impressive, and fairly short-sighted, it did speak volumes to how far he was willing to go to take advantage of the event to get away with an assassination.

At the end of the day, Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18 “Sage” did not fail to raise the stakes high with the inclusion of these powerful cursed spirits. It should be interesting to see how everyone gets out of this one, or who may not. This just seems like that kind of series where they aren’t afraid to pull the plug on a character you like.

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