Black Clover “Water Crusade” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 165, “Water Crusade”! Also known as the episode that many of us have been waiting for. Mainly because this is Noelle’s time to get justice, and this is Loropechika’s very fight for survival. With only so many episodes left, this is one of those things you don’t want to see them rush either.

This episode really did take me by surprise. After everything which has happened so far in the Heart Kingdom, one would have expected that this was all going to be pretty straightforward. I mean, there’s only so many episodes remaining before all of this comes to a close. So it definitely catches you off guard to get hit with the twist that everything was not as it seemed with Vanica and her goons. She came to the Heart Kingdom with a plan in mind, and was willing to go quite the distance to ensure that she was going to get what she wanted from Loropechika. This twist was also appreciated for the fact that they have now shown us one more power of a devil which you couldn’t have predicted they were capable of.

That brings us to Vanica making her grand entrance in front of Loropechika, Noelle, and Mimosa. This battle was awesome, and also everything one could have waited for as a fan of Noelle. It was no surprise that it was going to be Noelle doing most of the fighting, and they did not let us down with how that would turn out. You could see the power she increased through her training, and even the confidence she has in taking on someone as powerful as a devil-possessed. It came as no surprise that Noelle was also going to pick up a new form, yet it was the form itself that does impress you for the way that she is beginning to play to her element better than she has before.

Facing off against the likes of Vanica made this the perfect match-up too. Someone was always going to end up with blood magic, so it was brilliant that it would be one from the Dark Triad. The excitement from seeing Vanica in action came down to the mastery she has over her devil powers. The others would simply get serious and let their power explode, but Vanica is the kind to revel in the fact that every percent of power she climbs makes her substantially stronger than the person standing in front of her.

What made this confrontation so intense was the wise move to inform this trio of what is really at stake for them. This could have all been simple if it was just stopping three devils from invading every kingdom, though it changes everything when a bomb is dropped on their laps that failing to stop the Dark Triad pretty much means the end of the world.

I was very happy to see what Nero was training for in the end. Considering how much of the magic knight’s training was telegraphed, this was one of the few things which they surprisingly put in the work to keep secret. Nero could have been used for a lot of purposes with her abilities, but it seemed as though the key was always to keep her out of sight till it was time to play her role.

Aside from this, the twist they threw in during the episode was nothing to ignore either. It was one thing to discover that the Clover Kingdom actually sent a spy over to the Spade Kingdom, though it was another thing entirely to see what kind of spy they takes with this job. This magic knight’s ability was certainly something different, and the kicker was seeing that this is someone who we didn’t know was a member of our favorite squad. Just one more thing that they have to reveal that probably happened during the six month stretch.

All in all, Black Clover “Water Crusade” was a thrill from start to finish. It should be a treat next week to see if preparedness is really the key to victory for these ladies.

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