Superman & Lois “Pilot” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the Superman & Lois “Pilot”! I’m not going to lie, there have been few times where I have been this excited for the premiere of a DC/CW series. There was Legends of Tomorrow, and then there was Black Lightning. Superman & Lois was anticipated because this one is another breath of fresh air out of the bunch. This is a different kind of Superman, Clark, Lois, and world that they live in.

First off, how this series premiere kicked off was very much appreciated. Sometimes with these DC/CW shows they lean too heavily in the idea that you can milk out an origin story through flashbacks. Honestly I find reliance on that kind of storytelling lazy. Agree or disagree, but at the end of the day it is always much easier to just use that first episode to lay the foundation for the story that will unfold. It made a world of a difference that they used this first episode to show us what it was like for Clark growing up in this world. Some things were going to be the same, though of course other things were going to be different given that this isn’t the same universe of heroes. Those small differences made it possible to lead him on a different path to the life he lives with Lois, and the chance to have kids.

This show is also a nice change of pace from what you are used to from normal Superman stories. Obviously in the comics Clark and Lois are married and have a son, Jon. However, this does not change the fact that in the books their life is still a bit too perfect for what would be more relatable if it wasn’t. It made sense that a story taking place in this time and age would address how hard it should be for Clark and Lois to make a living off of print journalism. At the same time it should make sense that they should have problems trying to balance this work life with trying to raise these kids properly. Gone are the days where you didn’t really need to be present and still find things going right.

Which brings us to the kids, this part was a point of interest for what it meant grounding Clark and Lois with this family responsibility. As I mentioned before, what’s familiar to us is Los and Clark having one kid who had powers and wasn’t that much of a handful. Though now they have shaken things up where there are twin boys, and one is definitely a handful. That one also being troubled, which I think some people can definitely relate to whether you share in what troubles in, or what it is like to be the parent of that kid. So far, I don’t mind them having kids for the fact we haven’t seen the teen angst yet. Being a CW show, I don’t know if this is something they will lean on heavily, but it did help just getting an introduction which offered a glimpse of what their sibling dynamic is like.

Now when it came to Clark and Lois themselves, there was definitely something to take from their dynamic in this show. When we saw these two in the crossovers, and even when they made their appearances in Supergirl, everything was just fine for these two. They seemed like that flawless couple. Clark knew how to handle both lives, and Lois never had to worry about where either of their responsibilities needed to be placed. Though now their lives have been shaken up by dealing with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society. It was different that Clark would have quite the experience going from being Superman to losing the fight to be a good and present father. Then you have Lois who in this story is much more focused on being a mother, and worrying about the consequences of family not coming before everything else. I know some might feel some sort of way about not seeing the Lois who is always throwing herself into danger, but it is better seeing that one of them serves as an example for what a parent should look like.

As for the plot, in terms of the Superman side of things, I didn’t mind seeing some action here and there. In fact, I admired just watching an episode of a show like this where the hero is just saving the day and confronting a villain. They will only disappoint me if they decide this needs to be another one where every threat has to be explained or science into oblivion. There’s nothing wrong with seeing some good traditional superheroics.

In the end, Superman & Lois won me over easier than most DC/CW shows debuting.

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