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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Firefly #26! To think that the last issue of Firefly I both read and reviewed was back at issue #8. As much as I loved this series, sometimes some things can keep you from indulging in such things the way you once would have liked to. For instance, this may not be the show, but some of us have no love for seeing the likeness of that jack**** who plays Jane even in the comics. Though that was then, and this is now. And right now we have a new direction in the series to jump into. New characters, new enemies, in general it is a brand new era!

That said, the big thing for a reader such as myself seeing that this issue could serve as a new jumping-on point. It goes without saying that for everything they have hyped up about this issue, you would expect that the idea would be that they want this to be easily accessible to even new readers. As in, can I indulge in this brand new era of Firefly and not feel as though I have to go back and read the other twenty-five issues which came before. I’m not going to lie, the first scene of this issue left me feeling sketchy about the approach they were taking to this. I for one definitely was left quickly feeling like there was something I had missed. To some readers that could be an instant red flag, because the assumption would not have been that you had to ask yourself what was going on in that moment.

Now this isn’t to say that the first scene didn’t also make you want to know what was going on, because it was one hell of a twist to start off on. You wanted to know how Zoe could have gotten herself in the situation she did, how what she was dealing with was even possible, not to mention how she was going to get herself out of said situation. In a Firefly kind of way, this creative team did stay true to the idea that there is never a dull moment in the lives of these characters.

This brings us to the major selling point of this issue. That being the new characters, new enemies, and so forth. Unfortunately there wasn’t too much that we got in regards to that. Mainly for the fact that things were moving pretty fast to get the proper opportunity to get to know some of these new faces. We certainly found ourselves introduced to a new enemy, but aside from that it seemed like they were more focused on setting things up for those big changes to come in the following issues. While part of me wanted to feel disappointed by this, I did feel like by the end of the issue they did at least start us off at a place where things are different enough from the Verse you remembered. The team is not the same, and so is the dangers they face which are different yet still great.

The artwork for this issue was solid too. I know what I expected from this art team, though the best way I could describe their work is safe. Did enough to satisfy your need to get the visual appeal of the wild west lifestyle out there, but they don’t go crazy enough to immerse you in the fact that this is still a story taking place in the far distant future. Still early to say that they can’t dig deeper as the story progresses, though for now it is just good to know that you have both a penciler and colorist who know how to deliver on quality work. Compared to the last issue I read of Firefly, the interior work has been a big step-up. This was probably one of the first times where I didn’t sit there wondering who was who because of the need for their to be a likeness. There was only one instance of this, and that was due to the new enemy apparently sharing the likeness of a specific character, and not having that click off the bat. The impact wasn’t as it should have been for that reason.

Firefly #26 in the end did make me interested in this series again. I’m still surprised that it actually made it all the way to twenty-six issues, yet also impressed that they could find a place this deep in the story to say “Here’s what you’ve been missing out on!”.

Firefly #26




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