Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Reunion of Roars” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Reunion of Roars”! Whew, I really thought it was going to take some time for us to get to this point. With so much going on within the Sanctuary, the last thing on your mind was the idea that three days had really gone by for Subaru to do what he needed to do in the Sanctuary, and then start making his way back to the mansion to save everyone else.

Though before that, there was still some things which Subaru and company needed to make sure remained on track before their journey to the mansion. This part was very interesting for the fact that it was in this moment that we were genuinely able to see what kind of impact Subaru was able to have on the people here. He gained their trust, he won over their faith in him, and you could even see the faith they had in themselves to make sure stability would be met while they were gone. Though what really jumped out at you was what followed once understanding that there was still a story to be told in the Sanctuary while Subaru was gone.

This development I enjoyed because it was about time that we were able to finally to see more that Ram was able to offer. Up till now, Ram has always been a wildcard. You knew where her loyalties already lied, and that made her someone you struggled seeing as an ally compared to others. Though this episode changed that entirely through one huge truth bomb dropped during a conversation between herself and Roswaal. I mean you have to love it right now that nothing is ever as it seemed on the surface. It was one thing to know that Ram’s feelings about Roswaal weren’t all true. Though it was another thing to realize that even a character like her had her own agenda for some time now. It was bold, it was shocking, and it might leave you a fan of the character in ways that you weren’t before.

Which brings us to Roswaal himself, because this guy has really wasted little time showing his true colors to everyone. It says a lot too, considering how this means Subaru is on the right track. Though with that said, this has made Roswaal clearly more willing to get his hands dirty. Saying what he needs to say in order to change certain outcomes, apparently even willing to do whatever it takes to shake things up past current expectations. At this moment it is hard not to feel satisfied with the fact that there is an actual villain out there trying to pull strings. This isn’t a dead witch, a mabeast, or even a stooge. This is someone with their own motivations and desires willing to go to those dark places to get **** done.

That said, what brought this part of the story full circle was seeing much more of what is now different about Emilia. In so many ways we have seen how much she has grown through her current experiences, though it was always going to be more important for her to stand up to the one person who seemingly never had her best interests in mind to start with.

Now the big reunion for Frederica and Garfiel was a beautiful scene. In a Re:Zero kind of way they really made us sweat for it. Up to this point all we have known is that at last things have finally begun to work in favor of Subaru. For once he has been on time, knowing what to say, and exactly what to do to steer events away from disaster. Though as far as we knew, at least us anime viewers, all of this was only in regards to what went on inside of the Sanctuary. Outside of that? It felt as though it was anything goes! So I loved how they allowed the situation within the mansion to truly get dire, and then allow Garfiel to make his big entrance. It was sincere, it was heartwarming, and it was captivating since you knew this moment was something these two siblings wanted a long time now.

It’s only unfortunate that right now the big thing for these two is surviving the Bowel Hunter.

In the end, Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Reunion of Roars” was full of surprises from start to finish. Not to mention a whirlwind of emotions and satisfying turn of events.

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