Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Secret Mission” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Secret Mission”! A title like that made me very anxious to see what this episode had in store for us. Chrome is saved, they had no reason to destroy the steam engine either. So it really made you wonder what to expect comes next now that the Science Kingdom has more room to focus on their main objective.

Speaking of main objectives, it was good that they even put the time they did into re-establishing what the main objective is. At this point one could have said it was a lot of things, but we are at a stage in the story where this more than anything else needs to be made clear. Through the events of this episode I would say that they nailed this. Whether it was how Senku explained it to his people, or even the other people who needed to understand his plans, the time was now to know what is truly important, and what is just another step to get to that finish line.

If anything caught me off guard most it had to be the reveal of Ukyo’s true intentions. I was throughout impressed with the approach they took towards peeling back the layers to this character of mystery. I mean it would have been very easy to just create another character like Gen in Ukyo’s image. Though that wouldn’t have been as interesting and shocking as the kind of person he actually turned out to be. By the end of the episode you would have been crazy not to have felt moved by his reasoning for sparing Gen, Chrome, for even interfering in Tsukasa’s plans in a way that you didn’t expect from anyone on his side voluntarily. This was the first character introduced from Tsukasa’s Empire who showed us that this guy doesn’t entirely know what he is doing. Not if he can’t fully read the moral compass of those around him.

At the same time I didn’t mind seeing that this secret mission was something which was tasked to Yuzuriha. Up till now you couldn’t really say what she brought to the table in the trio. Yuzuriha was kind, compassionate, and showed faith in everything that science could accomplish in a stone world. However, there wasn’t anything unique to her that you could genuinely call admirable. That changed this week and I was here for it. I appreciated seeing the kind of skill she had in sewing clothes, and even more what she was capable of through her secret mission. They revealed a whole different side to her motivation and dedication which right now can’t be matched.

Now what I didn’t see coming by the end of the episode was how quickly things would get shaken up from Tsukasa’s side of things. It was also probably for the best too. If things kept going the way they did, this would have been way too easy of a win for the Kingdom of Science.

Aside from this, they did not let us down showing the kind of work Gen would have to put into getting Tsukasa’s people on their side. The animation for this trickery of his was as usual appealing too. What brought that scene together was of course the reaction from the people he was deceiving. It made a difference being able to see their reactions, and see just how many people they were even able to bring over to the grave site in order to hear the call.

All in all, they really hit the ground running this week. If not anything else that you took from this week’s episode, it was that urgency is key. The reveal of the “Secret Mission” was awesome, as well as other discoveries which keep you on your toes about what comes next.

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