Black Clover “Captain: Yami Sukehiro” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 166, “Captain: Yami Sukehiro”! There was a part of me shocked that this was the title for this episode, yet at the same time there is only so many episodes left in this season/arc, and Yami’s battle is just as important to see as Noelle and Loropechika taking on Megicula.

From the start of this episode things got grim fast. I mean, as much as we all wanted to see what Nero was going to be able to do to turn the tables, there was no doubting that what seemed like a victory was going to be a fleeting moment. And they pulled no punches to show that that was exactly what this was. Some could be disappointed by Nero’s magic having no effect, but this was always going to be a battle where it was going to take much more than a seal to brings this battle to a close. It was even just as brutal to see what would happen to everyone else once Vanica broke free of the seal. In no time at all they showed us exactly what it looks like when you step up against a devil who can do curses.

Which brings us to Loropechika’s situation. This part right here hit hard because the last thing you wanted to see was her fear spike being this close to death. This was the right time for them to dig deeper into this character to show just what she overcame to get to this point, and everything she has to lose even beyond her own life.

My only disappointment was in seeing how little Mimosa is able to do on her end. I was truly hoping that she was going to be able to handle herself better against the guy who uses his tongue as a weapon. Especially since the other stooges use magic much more dangerous.

Despite how much time went into the above battle, this episode was still titled “Captain: Yami Sukehiro”. Meaning that if there was anything we should have been looking forward to most, it was seeing what would come next in the battle between Yami and Dante. Especially now that Dante is beginning to get pushed enough to take this seriously. And he would have to, because they did not waste a single moment this week to show just how much Yami had grown over the course of six months. If this was him before that time? I don’t think this would have been much of a fight. He would have mostly been dodging and trying to keep his limbs attached to his body. Instead, we got to witness everything formidable about this captain in action. Between his swordsmanship, agility, and the way that he now incorporates his magic into his combat technique, there was nothing to underestimate.

Now where things ended in the fight between Yami and Dante was great for generating some hype for next week’s episode. Since seeing the promotional art for this arc, and even the OP enough times now, I think we have all been looking forward this moment when Yami and Asta would tag team against Dante. That final scene for this episode was the perfect set-up for us to get to witness what these two can do together. I know I want to see what they are now capable of accomplishing after reaching they level they have.

Black Clover “Captain: Yami Sukehiro” was satisfying for the most part. Excellent action, great animation, and not once did they let us forget what is at stake if these heroes lose.

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