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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Infinite Frontier #0! I’ll be straight with you, I’m a skeptic about these new DC initiatives. Some things you know will stick, some things you know just won’t. Though the biggest concern is the way that they decide to shake things up. So far what I have seen from this new frontier does look promising. Yet at the same time there seems to be one too many titles which just seem too obscure from what you would have hoped to expect from these creative teams. The was that through this Infinite Frontier #0, that view might change.

Now before we jump into the many stories told within this one issue, there was of course the beginning to this Infinite Frontier to address. This opener was what I was mainly worried about as someone who hasn’t been entirely invested in all of these big changes to the DC Universe. It was important to be able to jump into this issue and not feel as though there was something huge that was missed. Something that would make this hard to get into because too many questions were raised instead of answered. I would say that after that first scene, they did do a solid job of creating an entry point into this Infinite Frontier. You will of course ask yourself what happened to Wonder Woman for her to become the entity she now stands as, though for the time being it wasn’t truly the biggest question on your plate moving forward.

This brings us to the many stories we jumped into from there. Off the bat I appreciated that there was a meaning to that too. This could have all been random, but the approach at least showed that they went into this with a plan in mind. It also made a difference knowing that understanding the future of the DC Universe meant that we needed to see what came next for all the key characters that these books would center around. Not only that, but we needed to get a taste of what potential some of those stories might hold before picking them up ourselves.

That said, things did start off to a rocky start for me because the first story while a good nod to the change in direction for Black Adam, was quickly troubling because they decided to make an enemy out of what looked like Brimstone. You know, the character who they introduced as a possible new hero about a couple years ago, scrapped, and ditched? Not a good look for someone feeling skeptical about a new initiative. From there things did turn around with pacing and execution. From one story to the next we got a good idea of what some of these new books and stories would have in store for us. Some holding a lot of possibilities, some which showed us just enough to stir some interest. In general I appreciated that for most of these stories there was restraint towards showing more than what was necessary. Otherwise, this could have quite easily turned into a much larger oversized issue than what it actually is.

The great thing about this issue is that there was not one story that we flipped to where the art teams were disappointing. I was definitely seeing some new talent which they brought onboard for these books, and that will always be a big takeaway. It matters that we are seeing quality to the artwork as much as the stories. We are at a point now where you can’t simply sell someone on a story and plot without the right reassurance that the visuals will grab your attention the same. Well, with that said I should say everything was good till the last chapter. I won’t name said artist but I did enjoy every style till reaching that last one who we could have probably done without being involved with everything else that was so much more appealing to the eyes.

Overall, still skeptical after Infinite Frontier #0, but this does not mean that I’m not against going into these new stories with a more opened mind than what I jumped in with initially.

Infinite Frontier #0




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