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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #1! When it came to see what came next after the Future State books, Suicide Squad felt like one of those books where I just had to give the first issue a chance. If there’s one book from DC that I have consistent picked up from one volume and creative team to the next, it was this one. So far it has been hard to say that I was ever left feeling disappointed. Though this one right here was probably going to be the first where that was hard to say. The hope here was that I might be wrong.

Now despite Suicide Squad being a staple team for DC, this still didn’t mean that we could really just start any issue #1 without a proper introduction into what this team is and what they do. As always this was welcomed, and it went a long way that they took the time to address that this isn’t going to be like the other Suicide Squad books. There’s always going to be a kicker with a new creative team. This time around there just so happens to be two teams. One being your run of the mills Task Force X which uses villains with no hope for release as toy soldiers. And the other is apparently the team of fake heroes which this books seems to give us the impression of putting together. That last part actually caught me off guard too. The last thing I expected was that this story would take place before anything which already happened in the Future State books. This is probably for the best too. For anyone who is just jumping into the story now, the last thing you want is to get that lost about the craziness of Waller’s new ambitions.

Speaking of Waller’s ambitions, it was interesting to see where her head is at now after the last volume of Suicide Squad. For those who don’t know, she was there in the first issue, and that was that. Now she’s back, and clearly had some time to think about what she wants now that she has felt what it is like to be stripped of her power. This I didn’t think was a bad change in direction for the character. As I said already, it is ambitious. Though you have to admire the fact that someone is allowing the character the room to think big for once. Obviously this is all going to blow up in her face in the end, but you still want to see what happens when Waller begins to really think about the bigger picture.

That said, this first issue did not disappoint us in giving us a good old fashioned Task Force X mission. You know, the usual kind of mission for a team of misfit villains? They spring into action with everything seemingly going right, reaching their destination either easily or going through some bodies, only to find that things are going to be much harder than they seemed on the surface. It was a typical mission, yet this creative team did find a way to make it a bit more unique to the team put together to tackle it. For this team in particular too, it did not surprise me how things went considering they are not as seasoned as our normal vets. Without Harley, Boomerang, or even Deadshot (RIP), everyone else is pretty much either open season or just plain inexperienced.

This brings us to the interior work for this book. That much was an instant winner in my book. When it comes to one like Suicide Squad, the artwork really does matter. The last thing you want is to invest in an action-packed book that just looks awkward. Fortunately that has not been the case in a long while, and there was no point in starting now with this creative team. From the flip of the first page I was impressed with the detailed pencils from our artist, the depth from our colorist’s palette, even the ink work which made the art pop. Two things which really stood out consistently from start to finish was the use of perspective, and the choreography of the action. These two things made a big difference in what could have easily turned out flat if they didn’t put some extra work into it.

All in all, Suicide Squad #1 feels like a book worth investing in. If you were a fan of this title before, this first issue leaves you feeling confident that this new creative team can offer the same entertainment value.

Suicide Squad #1




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