Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Happiness Reflected on the Surface of the Water” Review

***Minor Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Happiness Reflected on the Surface of the Water”! This is the part of the second season where things are beginning to really get good. The time for planning and putting the pieces in place are over. Now there is taking action and making sure this isn’t another disaster in motion.

From the start of this episode they wasted no time jumping into the battle to commence between the heroes and their assailants. All staring with seeing Garfiel in action. This part was thrilling for the fact that this was actually Garfiel’s first real battle. Up to this point he really hasn’t had one. You know, being the one guy who was always the strongest in the room, aside from Roswaal. So it was thrilling when we were able to witness him take someone on a true combat, and even without losing himself in the process. It went a long way too that we were also able to see Elsa in a real fight too. Like Garfiel, she also has lacked the opportunity to face someone who was on her level. So this made for an exciting battle which pitted a deadly offense against a troublesome defense.

That that led us into what came next for everyone else in the mansion, because this was where things really began to shake-up from the last assault before. It was different that this time around Maylie wasn’t just waiting in the distance. That she was ready to step in and and her strength to the battle which now involves many more participants. What made this part exciting too was the fact that Frederica was ready to step-up in ways that she wasn’t able to before. She has people to live for, people to protect, and fired up to handle herself much better than she did previously.

That said, before that there was of course the scene shared between Subaru and Beatrice. This scene was a point of interest because one really had to wonder if this was the point where he could finally get through to her. And what made this so interesting was the fact that this was the first time Subaru actually failed to get his words through to someone. Though it didn’t hurt too much that Beatrice is a tougher cookie to crack than most other characters who haven’t been manipulated for 400 years.

This brings us to the title of the episode, because of course they would still find the time to get back to the next trial for Emilia. This one wasn’t as interesting as the first one, but I enjoyed it for where it led Emilia by the end. It made sense that this next trial would involve confronting the present that she was never going to get after losing everyone from her past. And it made more sense that Emilia would have grown enough that confronting that present would be a powerful scene. There was no time like the present to make the statement that she is okay with where she is at now, what she has to do now, and what she can’t afford to sulk about and miss.

In the end, what sticks with you most about this part of the episode was definitely seeing more of the faith these people have in Emilia to complete the trials. It makes a huge difference at this point when it is more than just Subaru in her corner saying she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World “Happiness Reflected on the Surface of the Water” was another beautiful episode. One which surprisingly covered a lot of ground too, because right now everyone has a job to do, and no one can afford to lose. I only hope that next week we can have more time allotted to see if the combined power of Ram and Puck is enough to stop Roswaal.

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