Superman & Lois “Heritage” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Superman & Lois “Heritage”! The CW must have a lot of confidence in this one that they have already renewed the series for a season two. After the first episode I could see why they might have faith in this one, though for the rest of us? That was still only the first episode. There’s now everything else which follows that should justify this show receiving an ensured future.

Now where they took the story this week was great, because after all the introductions and what not, this was the time to show us what we were really in store for. And the only way to know that was the jump into the thick of what life is now going to be back in Smallville. Unlike the rest of the DC/CW series, this is the one where you expect that there should be drama. That the family moments and everything is going to come first, and everything else is going to come second. So for this second episode I enjoyed which direction they chose to follow for Clark in particular. There was no better time than this week to see where things would go right, and where they might go wrong. Finding that balance for a superhero like him is always going to be easier said than done.

Especially when he has made such a drastic change in lifestyle, and now has to deal with a version of Lex Luthor which is obviously from an alternate Earth. That last part specifically I was intrigued by. It’s a bold move that a show like this, this late in the game, is still going to deal with the fallout from the Crisis event.

That said, I admired the focus on the tensions between Lois and Morgan Edge. If there was one thing you worried about before this episode, it was how much we were going to see of newsreporter Lois Lane. Now was a great time to show that nothing has changed for Lois. When she sees a big story? She puts her everything into it, and damns the consequences of stepping over her own boss’ toes to do so. As they say, not all heroes wear capes.

As for the kids, they wasted little time pulling these two brothers in different directions now that one of them has unlocked their Kryptonian powers. Starting with Jon, they also wasted little time shaking up his story. After everything which happened in the first episode, your first assumption would have been that everything would be Kryptonian focused. That from this point forward it would be a straight path towards becoming someone new like Clark. Though that would have probably been too easy. I’m glad that they made the path towards extraordinary something that he has to work towards. Some might say that they didn’t do right by Jordan considering in the comics their one son got his powers and controlled them much easier. Though at the same time you could cut them slack that sometimes your powers have to be earned.

Which brings us to Jordan. This part is what I found to be most compelling. While you would be excited for Jordan, this also leaves you with feelings towards Jon and what it means to be the brother who is just average. The one who gave up his already successful football career, moved away from his friends, girlfriend too, all to struggle being accepted in Smallville. They flipped his world upside down and the tensions which grew from this was real.

Superman & Lois “Heritage” in the end satisfied me as someone who will always be looking for a reason to continue investing in this show, because the potential is higher than a lot of these DC/CW shows if they take advantage of everything this one has to offer.

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