Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Final Battle” Review

***Minor Spoiler Warning***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Final Battle”! If there was ever a time to be more anxious for the next episode of Dr. Stone, it would be now. This episode right here where so much can go wrong, or they can go surprisingly right if everything goes according to plan.

This episode right here, this one was a whirlwind of emotions. There’s only about three or four episodes left in this second season, and just about anything can happen for those of us mainly following the anime. Especially when it came to this week’s episode where the final battle would begin with the first move to reclaim the cave. The set-up for this scene was wonderful and full of suspense. You knew what these guys were going to have to do, but you could also feel the tension growing from every thought where they feared what could go wrong if they could not push towards the cave without taking a life in the process.

Though when they got moving? They hit the ground running with intensity. I loved every minute of it because this was the time to show just how confident the Kingdom of Science is in their chances at pulling this off. They charged in, kicked things off with the first blast, ran through every obstacle in their way, and they did what they had to in order to cease the battle as quickly as it began.

Now of course this would have all been too simple if Tsukasa was not obviously going to get himself there as fast as he could before taking the loss. It was smart that at the end of the day, Tsukasa is not someone they can just walk over because he believes in power over all else. He’s still a clever individual, and that means he’s not someone who is going to simply falter after seeing that maybe he didn’t have everything figured out as well as he thought. He jumped in, and even managed to shake things up on just his entrance alone. This part I loved for the fact that they wasted little time to show just how serious this is. It’s not just about fighting for the one resource that will determine the fate of the world. It’s about what either side will do to either claim it or reclaim it. Not to mention what lines will be crossed in order to accomplish either.

Having said that, what made this episode so wonderful was the response to Tsukasa from the Kingdom of Science. For many of these guys, this is their first time seeing this monster, and what he is capable of if you end up on the other side of his spear. It made such a huge difference to the momentum moving forward that we were able to see if they were truly up to the challenge. Would they push on? Would they fall apart? Or would their faith in Senku prevail? The answer to that was well worth the wait.

Aside from this, it was impossible not to love what tricks the Science Kingdom still had up their sleeve. Even when things seemed bad, they still managed to surprise us when we least expected them to.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars “Final Battle” overall was a thrill for everything which sets this final battle in motion. Getting to the cave was a start, getting through that first wave of enemies without taking a life was a miracle, but the true battle is surviving the monsters who are pretty much an army of two.

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