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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Birthright #47! What a way to jump back into the final arc of this series. There was a lot which changed the landscape of the story moving forward. Plenty to address about the current relationship of Mikey and Rya, Mikey and Brennan, not to mention the stat of Earth after surviving a cross-realm war. The only thing left in the air at this point is wondering what the heck Wendy and Aaron have been up to while still trapped in Terrenos with little hope of returning home.

That said, this months issue intrigued me for the point in time they decided to jump back into the story. Considering how the previous issue ended, we knew what we expected to get back to with this next issue, yet that’s not where we found ourselves when we flipped open to that first page. I for one was definitely left with mixed feelings. On one hand I certainly wanted to know what was happening with Boomer. His situation is different from someone like Brennan who had his magic awakened. He became something different. He became a werewolf, and of the more vicious variety. On the other hand, where the story picked up? The Boomer situation for the most part was already handled. Now where things got interesting was the point in time they chose since technically they did cover the Boomer situation and how his future is going to be a work in progress.

At the same time it was hard to ignore what they also used the opportunity to address. One thing which was hard to ignore about the start of the story arc was the new problem which took the form of people scavenging leftovers from the war. Even if they said this was a problem they were trying to take care of, it didn’t hurt to create the room to give an example of how problematic it can be for someone to really get their hands on a stash. Just one thing left from Terrenos can be troublesome in the wrong hands.

Which brought us to the next thing. Getting to the meat of this tension between Mikey and Brennan. Like I said above, this was another one of those things where you really couldn’t just leave it at they blamed each other for their parent’s situation. It made a difference to understand what kind of argument they had in that moment, and grasp the kind of note the left things on that they would still not be on speaking terms. Even if you would have wanted to see things from Brennan’s perspective at this point, or even just see him at all, it was important that once more Mikey was able to go to someone and have a real conversation about things he’s avoiding. Now where they took this t]line of conversation by the end of the issue? That should make us all very interested in seeing what happens when these two meet again.

And here I was about to say that this was probably going to be one of the more tame issues for this art team. Some action, but tamed. Yet that was not at all how this issue turned out for them, or for us. Once more they went wild with the fantasy elements. First off, the design for Boomer as a werewolf is terrifying. If it wasn’t him as a werewolf, then it was the process in which he transformed. They created that image where you knew something terrible was coming the minute his eyes turned yellow. From there, they also pulled no punches to show what happens when the wrong people get ahold of things they do not understand. Whether it was the weapons, or it was the magic, it was fantastical. Especially the bold and vibrant colors which made it all pop. Including the color choice which highlighted some less than savory visuals to remind us all of how visceral this corner of the world can be.

in the end, things got good by the end of Birthright #47. Not the direction you thought this arc would take us, but so far they did not fail to string us along for the ride set in motion.

Birthright #47




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