Black Clover “Stirrings of the Strongest” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 168, “Stirrings of the Strongest”! If ever there was an episode to brace for, then it was the one that would follow after such a big loss from the Dark Triad. Two Captains gone, a kingdom torn apart, and numerous allies unaccounted for. I think we all wanted to see how these magic knights would handle their current situation.

Now the great thing about these last episodes is that even when the action for now has concluded? You can still count on some quality storytelling to grab your attention from start to finish. For this week’s episode, the follow-up to the Dark Triad invasion was excellent for the way that they approached these characters feeling the weight of their loss. Not to mention understanding the true danger to their predicament. It was good that everyone was now going to be on the same page about what will happen if the Dark Triad is able to complete their ritual to open the gate to the underworld. One could say that some of the Captains were talking in circles, but at the end of the day it was good just to see many of them eager to do something. Because let’s face it, I’m sure there are some viewers out there who struggle with the idea that only the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn could have been wrapped up in that madness.

With that said, this brings us to our new character’s proper introduction. This part was the highlight of the episode because this character is hard not to call the coolest we have encountered so far. From the minute Nacht spoke, you could understand why he was apparently the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls. Nothing truly explained why it is we have never seen the guy before, but you could get why his association was limited. The only thing which sucks is that you know that if we’re not going to get more episodes of Black Clover after March? This is going to be a new character we won’t get to know half as well as the other characters we grew to love.

Though for this episode specifically, there was everything to love about his interactions with both Asta and the rest of the Captains. When this guy speaks or steps into the room, he carries a commanding presence. You could not deny him the floor to speak what was on his mind, and he surely did too. Especially when it came to where his moral compass points. I would even dare to say Damnatio was given a run for his money compared to this guy. Aside from that it was awesome to discover just how good this guy is at his job. We knew he found some important information while undercover in the Spade Kingdom, though what we didn’t know was just how much he figured out which told us much more than what we initially thought we understood about the Dark Triad’s ritual.

And speaking of characters who stood out, Yuno was definitely one of them too. I think we can all appreciate the shift in attitude he has taken since his loss. Up to this point Yuno has filled the role of character too comfortable with his power for a bit too long. He needed to be reminded of what it felt like to lose, and to feel like he needed to get stronger.

The only thing which threw me off in the end was how long they went through the Captain’s meeting before actually addressing the fact that the Dark Triad also laid waste to the Heart Kingdom. One might think that this is important information that everyone would be up to date with like everything else which transpired. Black Bull members are there, Mimosa is there, and Leo too. It was maddening to sit there wondering why something like that was glossed over the way that it was.

At the very least you could appreciate that they acknowledged the new development in Grey’s magic, among other things that you would hope mattered after the invasion.

So again, Black Clover “Stirrings of the Strongest” was the first episode since our return without action, but that did not stop us from getting an episode which still managed to grab our attention. We got a new character in Nacht, and more information than we ever thought we were going to get about the dangers of the gates to the underworld opening.

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