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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League #59! When this issue of Justice League came out, I felt like I owed it to myself to see what potential this new direction had. For a while now I would actually say that this book was probably lacking following the whole Perpetua arc. Though with this new creative team, new roster of heroes, and promise of reinventing the Justice League. I couldn’t help but give this book another shot.

From just flipping to that first page, you could feel that there was a different vibe to this book. I know some people have their mixed views on Bendis’ writing, though what I always came to appreciate was the personable approach he takes towards writing characters. That was what drew me to this new run of Justice League, and that alone did not disappoint. Not when trying to reinvent the mission statement of the Justice League, or even show us a different side to the standoff-ish personality of someone the likes of Black Adam. That first scene set the foundation perfectly for what we should expect from this too. Aside from the fact that this started off with a problem in Black Adam’s jurisdiction, there was no denying that we were seeing the Justice League back to basics. Something simple, yet something also new due to the introduction of this new threat.

This brings us to what changes this causes for the Justice League itself. That was where they really grabbed our attention. There’s no reason for a book like this if you aren’t looking for the right hook. In the case of this run, that just so happened to be the Justice League trying to do more than what they have offered thus far. It’s no big reveal at this point that the Justice League is the type of team to combat problems which one hero can’t handle alone, but how many smaller problems are ignored because of this? These are the questions I like new creative teams to ask for books like this. It is a genuine way of shaking things up, but not straying too far from what is familiar.

That said, I personally loved that this is going to be the book where Naomi finally gets her time to shine. Being that Bendis is one of the creators for this young hero, it only made sense that he would offer her the opportunity to step up in a book with a bigger audience. And it goes without saying that this is also appreciated for the fact that this is the best way to get to know what came next for Naomi after her solo book. Not everyone you can assume reads Titans, Superman, or whatever book she made made appearances in after.

Now one of the other selling points for this new run of Justice League is the new art team that comes with it. I hope I speak for most when I say that having an artist like David Marquez onboard was a brilliant decision. When you pick up a book like Justice League, you expect quality visuals to follow. That was what we got from start to finish of this issue. His pencil work is clean, his drawing of these characters and settings is detailed, and there is always something to love about characters who are drawn to look engaging through their actions, interactions, and reactions. At the same time it really helped to also have a colorist who can match the same energy which Marquez brings, and more. The bold colors and range really did wonders for setting the atmosphere for this story. The Justice League is a symbol of hope, and that was what I saw through the color choice.

Getting to the end of Justice League #59, I felt like this book was once more worth having on your pull-list. This new creative team gave us an issue that was a breath of fresh air.

Justice League #59




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