Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Season Two Finale “Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Season Two Finale “Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight”! I gotta say I was shocked when it hit me that this was supposed to be the season two finale. For me there was this expectation that they would use this week’s episode to handle the Great Rabbit, and then the following week bring the story to a close. Though I was not prepared for them to go for it all in one episode.

Even then, I was still excited to see what would happen with Beatrice entering the battle. One had to wonder what a Great Spirit would bring to the table against an army of rabbits with an insatiable hunger. The answer to that was mind-blowing. Mainly because I think we all got so accustomed to the idea that what you really needed to take on some of these threats was power, but everything really came down to what happens when you fully trust in a plan, and the right people to carry it out. It was brilliant to witness a plan that worked this well when taking advantage of the new confidence Emilia has in her power, and the endless possibilities which come with Beatrice’s. There will be some who might think that this all wrapped up quickly, but I would say that these guys earned a victory that wasn’t so brutal to get to.

From there, there was the aftermath of this ordeal which Roswaal put everyone through. This scene I adored for the fact that we had everyone involved in this under one roof and able to properly express the way that this experience made them feel. Specifically about Roswaal too who had a lot to answer for. It was refreshing to see so many of them feeling different things and having something to say that captured many differing personalities. Overall, this scene was important because never before was there ever this many characters on Subaru’s side together. This was his circle of trust, and one stronger than the alliance he made at the end of the first season.

When it came to the rest of the episode, there was simply this breath of fresh air that we were able to take in from these characters getting back to the closest thing to normal they had experienced in a long while. There was merriment, there was genuine interactions, and most importantly the time was not wasted to set-up certain things here and there for where the hopeful next season takes us.

Now of course we should talk about Subaru’s continued development in this episode. This was something to take notice of since even when the action ended, we were still seeing this new version of him who was more than the cliche simp that he was in the past. Still corny about the words he uses to keep winning Emilia over, but you had to give credit where it is due that he has grown to a point where you could tell his words were coming from a more genuine place. Especially when talking about the future involves more than his feelings about Emilia. He’s fighting for everything and everyone he has been able to win over this season.

As for Emilia, it is good to know that they aren’t trying to duck the importance of the Royal Selection. The best takeaway for her was seeing a new sense of determination towards her duties, and a greater ability to handle mature conversations.

The Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Season Two Finale was beautiful from start to finish. It would be a crime if this series was not able to see a season three, because it is already a crime that more are not talking about Re:Zero compared to other winter selections for how this second half of the second season turned out.

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