Black Clover Series Finale “The Faraway Future” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the Black Clover Series Finale, “The Faraway Future”! As I said last week, there’s just no way that you can use the second to last episode as set-up, and wrap up one of the biggest battles yet to come in one go. That is, if they even had plans to give us a last battle with the Dark Triad. I mean we know there’s going to be a movie after this, but are were we really supposed to consider the idea that they might use a movie to wrap up the series? There was no possible way to know for sure what was going to happen till this finale aired.

So as this finale kicked off, I was still left feeling a bit concerned by where this leaves us being what might be the last episode. I mean, clearly the majority of this episode was going to be Asta trying to beat Liebe and make a proper contract with him. Yet, at the same time, it was hard to deny how much this episode was one worth looking forward to as a viewer who hasn’t gotten to know the devil who resides within the book. So it was fitting that this was the first bit of story that they started with.

They did not let us down either with how saddening and heartwarming it turned out to be too. We learned a bit more about the chaotic system in which the devils exist in. We also got to learn what kind of person Asta’s mother actually was to be able to take in a devil like Liebe. Her reveal of her magic was also cool, even if it was technically weak. Though more than that, it hit hard to see just what could have happened for Asta’s mother to die, and for Liebe to end up in the Five Leaf Grimoire.

I think the only disappointment anyone might find with the story of Liebe told in this episodes is that they pretty much went the extra mile to really dodge telling this story to Asta. Something I believe we would have all wanted to see more than Yuno discovering he is a prince.

From there it was a thrill when we jumped back to the present to watch Asta take this battle more serious than anticipated. The animation was stunning because this was one of those rare times where they really showed Asta as a swordsman who trained with various people who were much more skilled in that area. Not enough times do we get to witness Asta putting everything he learned into a battle. Though it does help when he is forced to rely on nothing but his own physical skill. What elevated this moment in the end was also the music which accompanied this scene.

Now when Asta made his contract with Liebe, I was surprised by the reaction from Nacht too. After everything we have seen from him so far, you probably would have expected him to become problematic about it. You know, given his stance on order and what not. Though fortunately they did not take him down that predictable route. Instead they allowed him to continue being that beacon of hope that Asta needs right now if he wants to get to the level he needs to be at in two days.

Aside from this, they did manage to spend just enough time to take us through what everyone else is doing to prepare themselves for what’s to come. It really wasn’t much at all, but still better than nothing at all.

So while the end of this final episode was beautiful, it was pretty much just as we feared. This ended with no conclusion to anything which had been set in motion at the start of the final arc. If I was to guess, then it probably was their play that this movie wraps things up. But even then? I don’t think we could ever truly be satisfied with the idea that when this is it, it’s it.

At the very least, we can all agree that Black Clover has been an exhilarating experience. If you had the patience and mental fortitude to do more than complain about those first episodes where Asta is loud and obnoxious,? Then you had a whole load of episodes which kept you coming back for more, week after week.

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