Review: Angel #2

After a pretty solid debut of Angel, I found myself really looking forward to what BOOM! could produce from this new imagining of this lonesome vampire. Especially since they announced so many future plans for this series involving crossovers and big events connecting with the Buffy book. That gives you a good idea of the […]

Review: Punk Mambo #3

The supernatural spectacular continues in Punk Mambo #2, and we walked away learning a lot about this misfit mambo. Whether it was re-emphasizing things we already knew, or making sure that new readers were welcomed properly into her world, this second issue excelled for the balance given to fleshing out her character while at the […]

PRETTY DEADLY Returns with New Story Arc THE RAT this September 🐀

Image Comics is pleased to announce the return of the critically-acclaimed Pretty Deadly series by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet) and Emma Ríos (I.D., Mirror) this September. This new installment in the popular, mythic fantasy series is titled The Rat and will be set during the classic Hollywood golden era. This new story […]

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