Catwoman #23 Review

Catwoman #23 Written by: Ann Nocenti Art by: Scott McDaniel Oh the cliche of a fixed marriage gone wrong. Can’t say that you didn’t see this coming. Sadly I found this to be very predictable. The execution was fine, but since the very start it felt as if this was something I’ve seen done many […]

Vin Diesel Confirms Progress in Motion Capture Work For Groot

It was never quite confirmed whether his role was serious, but Vin Diesel finally revealed earlier this month that he’s planning on playing Groot in director James Gunn’s now-filming Guardians of the Galaxy, though the deal is not yet fully complete(whatever that is supposed to mean). “It’ll be voiceover, MoCap and all of that stuff,” […]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Now Available on Blu-ray/DVD

Season 3 is now out on Blu-ray/DVD! Pick it up today. With Audio Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, French language track, Spanish subtitles, and Never-before-seen featurettes! “In this uncertain world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors must not only fight the dead, but also face a whole new fear: the living. In this 16 […]

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