Pick Up Lines Comic Style #2

Greetings 616!!! Back again with pick up lines, but this time these are pick up lines that actual readers would want to use if they wanted to pick up a girl and could only choose one. Are you looking for something? Let me be that X-Factor. Give me a chance and I’ll change your mind […]

Watch Forward Unto Dawn

Greetings 616!!! With Halo 4 coming out Nov, 6th, Microsoft has poured money into creating this live action series to help both promote it’s upcoming release and help new fans of the game understand the story more before getting into the game. As a fan I am quite happy with it and appreciate that they […]

A Picture Of Confidence And Pride

Greetings 616!!! Unlike some other comic readers, I for one am enjoying the fact that one of the new Hulk series is about Red She-Hulk. And coming to like her character more, it’s very easy to see the difference between her and Jennifer Walters aka. She-Hulk. Both are normal females though their Hulk personas magnify […]

Marvel Isn’t All Avengers

Greetings 616!!! Well someone in the Assemble facebook group had started a thread stating that Marvel seems to care only about the Avengers, because it seems that every book of Marvel Now has the word Avengers in it. Now you could not imagine my disbelief that someone would actually say that. So since most of […]

Avengers Was Appalling?

Greetings 616!!! Thank you Hiro, haven’t had a reason to really rant about something up until now. As I have said about a million times now was the ignorance that was bred from movies like The Dark Knight, did anyone listen to me? Hell no! Everyone wanted to live in some fairy world as if […]

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