Venom #39 Review

Venom #39 Written by: Cullen Bunn Art by: Kim Jacinto w/ Mike Henderson One venom is enough for an over-the-top fight, but two? Now you’re just spoiling the fans. Andi becoming the second Venom is almost like seeing another what if, when someone claims a symbiote who finds themselves troubled. Only difference is that both […]

Superior Spider-Man #16 Review

Superior Spider-Man #16 Written by: Dan Slott Art by: Humberto Ramos Power to the people? Otto has done the unthinkable, the unimaginable, something that has never been done thus yet, he has plastered a villain right on the screen of every citizen of New York to ask for their aid. This is how you break […]

The Bounce #4 Review

The Bounce #4 Written by: Joe Casey Art by: David Messina The Bounce #4 continues as Jasper finds himself performing his second act of heroism since donning his costume. Where you once questioned Jaspers direction, you slowly see him shaping up to take on the role of a hero as more like him pop up […]

Justice League Dark #23 Review

Justice League Dark #23 Written by: Jeff Lemire Art by: Mikel Janin The truth has been revealed. For the longest time the box has been a mystery, and what it does to people even a greater mystery, but now all is becoming clear. Where the Justice Leagues which were split and fought against each other, […]

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29 Review

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29 Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico Things are just never as they seem. That seems to be the theme of Ultimates and it serves well that Joshua Fialkov delivers on this when ever the opportunity arises. You see now that things are reaching their climax as everyone […]

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