My Hero Academia Season 4 Premiere “The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A” Review

It’s crazy how quickly My Hero Academia became that one anime series that everyone looks forward to each year. It has also been one heck of a year awaiting this next season. After years of watching these students face obstacle after obstacle, they have finally reached a point where they are taking bolder steps towards […]

Titans “Conner” Review

After the episode we experienced last week? It took me by surprised that the next one was called Conner. I mean, how dare they end an episode on such a cliffhanger and then throw us into another character origin story outside of what was unfolding? That is one heck of a way to mess with […]

Review: Powers of X #6

If you ever told me that there would be a time where Hickman would have the opportunity to reinvent the X-Men like he did with the Avengers? I would have probably laughed it off because Marvel has never been too keen on taking the X-Books as seriously as they should. Between Powers of X and […]

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