Dr. Stone “To Modernity” Review

***Spoiler Warning*** The title of this episode really got me excited. With a series like this, and with a main character like Senku, “To Modernity” can mean A LOT of things! This could mean Senku finally getting around to the closest version of a gun, maybe bombs, or something that would make Tsukasa’s army quake […]

Fire Force “We Are Family” Review

***Spoiler Review Below*** You gotta hand it to this series. Fire Force is not one of those which holds your hand with build-up and suspense. I remember it only being last week where I thought I had reservations about the kind of story they were telling about Vulcan. I mean don’t get me wrong. His […]

Titans “Fallen” Review

When it came to this season of Titans, there was a difference between bracing yourself for the parting ways of these characters, the actual moment coming, and everything to follow that disaster. Once we got around to everything which follows them parting ways, it was hard to find too much interest in what you know […]

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