Review: X-Force #1

X-Force is a book which catches you off guard compared to some of the other X-Books. In a mutant haven we still need a team like this that does the dirty work? Or maybe there is more to this considering they have described this iteration of X-Force to be the CIA of the mutant world? […]

Review: New Mutants #1

Of all the X-Books we know of so far to represent the Dawn of X, New Mutants is probably the only one I really had reservations about, and it has been a long running problem from my perspective. In every new generation of the X-Men, there is always a New Mutants team. Not only this, […]

Review: Immortal Hulk #26

We all knew how this confrontation was going to end between the Immortal Hulk and Fortean Abomination, but knowing that and what would happen in the events of this battle were two very different things. Now as much as we looked forward to that moment, I’m sure that plenty of us also looked forward to […]

Review: No One Left to Fight #5

”The Return of Bruton!” That was all I ever had to read in order to get excited for this big issue. I mean, it’s not everyday that you will sit there looking forward to an issue where for the most part there is the battle and nothing else. That is how you make readers feel […]

Review: Die #9

A book like Die is one you only ever get once in a full blue moon. It will of course carry many similarities to stories where kids get trapped in a game-like world, but this one does so many things different which keeps you coming back for more. The stakes are way more genuine, the […]

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