Review: Hawkman #18

When Carter Hall was tease about his bloody future, who would have really guessed that what was meant was the Infected Hawkman? This was a shocking development because a lot of things could have sent him down this dark path. Yet at the same time I couldn’t help but also look forward to what this […]

Review: Collapser #5

Collapser is anything but your conventional superhero story. Liam’s not the guy you would think of first to turn into a hero, certainly not the guy you would think to put a sentient black hole inside of, but here he is and struggling to nail down the right thing to do with this power. As […]

Review: Go Go Power Rangers #25

With all the madness of ‘Necessary Evil’, is was worth taking a small break, even for one issue, to spend an issue seeing the events of the previous chapter from the perspective of Bulk & Skull. It was a great reminder that this can be a fun book when the creative team allows for that […]

Review: Hellmouth #2

With the follow-up issues to both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, it is now time to jump back in to the main storyline that is Hellmouth for this second issue. I looked forward to this second chapter because I don’t think anyone really expected that Buffy and Angel would find themselves on the other […]

Review: X-Force #1

X-Force is a book which catches you off guard compared to some of the other X-Books. In a mutant haven we still need a team like this that does the dirty work? Or maybe there is more to this considering they have described this iteration of X-Force to be the CIA of the mutant world? […]

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