The Seven Deadly Sins Sequel Announced!

Today marks the historic end of Nakaba Suzuki’s 8-year run creating The Seven Deadly Sins manga series, with Chapter #346 as its finale. Fans can read this final chapter same-day-as-Japan through our digital retail partners comiXology, CrunchyRoll, and BookWalker. To celebrate this epic conclusion, Kodansha and Nakaba Suzuki have announced a The Seven Deadly Sins sequel […]

Celebrate 25 Years of BioWare With Two New Books From Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics and BioWare are excited to present BIOWARE: STORIES AND SECRETS FROM 25 YEARS OF GAME DEVELOPMENT and DRAGON AGE: THE FIRST FIVE GRAPHIC NOVELS.         From the BioWare’s isometric role-playing roots to its intense space operas and living worlds, chart the legendary game studio’s first 25 years in this massive retrospective. See what it took to make […]

Batman, Harley Quinn, Punchline and the Designer Advance Towards The Joker War

BATMAN #93 ADVANCES BATMAN, HARLEY, PUNCHLINE AND THE DESIGNER TOWARDS “THE JOKER WAR” Momentum keeps building as Batman heads to “The Joker War,” and “Their Dark Designs” hits its penultimate chapter with April’s Batman #93, featuring major revelations on the Designer’s plan! Batman #93, featuring the shocking end to the initial encounter between Punchline and […]

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