ComiXology Debuts Valiant 8-Bit Adventure: Unity #1

Comics and gaming fans prepare for a whole new level of Valiant 8-Bit greatness with the debut of Valiant’s first-ever digital-first Guided View Native comic – Valiant 8-Bit Adventure: UNITY #1.  This all-new Valiant release is out now exclusively on comiXology – the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, […]

All-New VALIANT ZERO Issues Coming in 2014

In the midst of UNITY…jump into the ongoing adventures of Valiant’s next breakout heroes with an all-new wave of Valiant zero issues in February and March! Discover the origins and secret early exploits of the fan favorite heroes of the Valiant Universe right here with four essential jumping-on points, designed to bring new readers up […]

All New X-Men #18 Covers Celebrating X-Men’s 50th Anniversary

To commemorate the X-Men’s 50th Anniversary, All New X-Men #18 is getting a bunch of Variant covers, illustrating different eras of X-Men. You can check out the New Costumes one below, and here come the rest… Jideobi is the Comic Editor at Analog Addiction where he writes all things comics and comic related(especially if X-Men). Also […]

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