Review: X-Men #2

With all the new X-Books now released after this week’s debut of Fallen Angels, it makes sense that we will slip back into what comes next in X-Men #2. We got to see some of the new team, the new personalities to some of our favorite X-Men, more of Krakoa that we didn’t see before […]

Review: Fallen Angels #1

When looking for that one obscure title out of the Dawn of X books, I once thought that book would be Marauders, but now I see that that book may very well be Fallen Angels. The impression that we were given with most of these books was that each might represent a cog in a […]

Review: Psi-Lords #6

I have said in the past that Valiant has done many ambitious titles, but Psi-Lords truly is one of their most ambitious. Usually you kind of knew what you were getting yourself into, but this book was one where you had to really sit back and allow the surreal sci-fi fun to sweep you away. […]

Review: Far Sector #1

Of many books which came out this year, Far Sector just so happened to be one of my most anticipated. Off the bat of course because this was yet another diverse hero which DC has created. And the other because the idea for this book sounded intriguing. I mean, surely enough there will be those […]

Review: Triage #3

We’ve only been two issues into this series, and already this is quite the immersive experience through the idea that so many versions of the same person could exist with such drastic contrasts to each other in every universe. The first issue focused on the life of Evie, the second took us through an explanation […]

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