Review: Superior Spider-Man #11

An enemy Spider-Man from another universe, Otto’s true identity exposed to the public, and attack on his closest allies and friends. As they said, one of Marvel’s least predictable comics on the stands! It only took one issue, and just about everything about the direction of this story was flipped on its head. These of […]

Review: Powers of X #5

As I said earlier this month, it doesn’t matter that you know that majority of these lifetimes of Moira X ended in disaster, you would still want to know what led the X-Men to every life-changing decision they made. Powers of X #4 continued to do so, and the hope was that issue #5 would […]

Review: Ghost Spider #2

It was a good feeling after the debut of Ghost Spider that I could find myself looking forward to what came next in the following issue. Truthfully I love more that they have decided to go with Ghost Spider, rather than Spider Woman. These are the times where you want these younger heroes to be […]

Review: Angel #5

With the latest issue of Buffy being her prelude into the event of Hellmouth, now it’s Angel’s turn to get tossed into the madness to unfold. I was very interested to see how this next chapter would play out because we were seeing events from a different point in time for that issue of Buffy. […]

Review: Evolution #18

Not going to lie, it hit hard with the realization that Evolution #18 is the series finale. This was one of those books that I just found myself so invested in because it had such an interesting concept to it, and there was nothing about this story that you could truly anticipate. Well, maybe you […]

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