X-Men #6 Review

X-Men #6 Written by: Brian Wood Art by: David Lopez Things have finally picked up moving into part 7 of Battle of The Atom. As the intensity had picked up, so has the progression with mysteries finally being revealed leading to the clash we had been anticipating. Surprising how long they kept up the charade […]

Batgirl #24 Review

Batgirl #24 Written by: Gail Simone Art by: Fernando Pasarin It’s a sad life for Barbara. Nothing has been easy for her since the supposed death of James and things have only gone downhill as time passes. When they say that no one in the Bat Family lives a happy life, this right here shows […]

Nightwing #24 Review

Nightwing #24 Written by: Kyle Higgins Art by: Will Conrad This issue is all about decisions. Nightwing having to work with the one man he hated most in order to save Chicago from the Prankster. The city is thrown into chaos and things have only been getting worse since the Prankster played his hand. You […]

Pulp Review

Pulp Written by: Jeremy Holt Art by: Chris Peterson The book lives up to its name. Felt like a noir film and looked like one as well. As a one-shot, Jeremy is able to tell a story which brings out different emotions knowing that by the end of the book, nothing is really as it […]

Infinity: The Hunt #2 Review

Infinity: The Hunt #2 Written by: Matt Kindt Art by: Steven Sanders It’s one thing to wage war against the heroes of Earth, but the youth too? Nobody is safe as the destruct spreads to the Avengers Academy, Jean Grey School, Future Foundation, Braddock Academy, Wakandan School of Alternative Studies, the Pan-Asian School for the […]

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