Review: Justice League Dark #15

Last month’s Justice League Dark threw us straight into The Witching War. Pretty much the end game for everything that has been set in motion since the Witching Hour about this time last year. Truthfully, I love that I’m able to say that it has been a year that this book has been ongoing. I […]

Review: Dial H for Hero #7

DC seems pretty pumped about Dial H for Hero being bumped up to a 12-issue series, and I can’t deny them of that. I’m pumped as well, particularly after the events of Dial H for Hero #6. That ended up being one of my favorite issues of the series so far because it perfectly captured […]

Review: Action Comics #1015

If you’re like me, then you probably have no shame jumping into Action Comics this week just for guest star, Naomi. Since her initial announcement from DC, I have been deeply invested in this new hero and where her place might be in the DC Universe. Especially during a time where the world is in […]

Review: The Terrifics #20

An interesting time to be a Terrific when while other heroes are facing down villains in this universe newly empowered by Lex Luthor, this team is blindsided by a threat coming from another universe! As I said last month, the biggest takeaway from The Terrifics #19 was coming to understanding that spreading this to the […]

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