All New X-Men #16 Review

All New X-Men #16 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Stuart Immonen Bendis has pulled off a miracle, if you can call it that. All New X-Men #16 continues where Battle of The Atom #1 left off and things get heated. We now know what it is that lit the fuse for this fight […]

Quantum And Woody #3 Review

  Quantum And Woody #3 Written by: James Asmus Art by: Tom Fowler They say this is the worst superhero team and they were not lying. Quantum and Woody may definitely prove to be the shining stars to me that Valiant has to offer. One of the most unconventional books I’ve read to date on […]

Shadowman #10 Review

  Shadowman #10 Written by: Justin Jordan Art by: Diego Bernard I have seen many flashbacks, but none like this. None that have dug so deep into a well of emotions that portrayed love in its essence. That is what I got here when I read Shadowman. This issue was meant to be what explained […]

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