Deathmatch #10 Review

Deathmatch #10 Written by: Paul Jenkins Art by: Carlos Magno Talk about¬† twist, we usually get the double cross, but triple? I’ve said it since the beginning but if there’s one thing this series has thrown at us consistently, its twists. Since the start nothing has been what it seems and just when you think […]

America’s Got Powers #7 Review

America’s Got Powers #7 Written by: Jonathan Ross Art by: Bryan Hitch Well it took maybe a year to reach the end, but here we have the final conclusion to America’s Got Powers. Off the bat I have to say that as much as this was anticipated, the wait between each issue really hurt the […]

The Walking Dead #115 Review

The Walking Dead #115 Written by: Robert Kirkman Art by: Ron Garney This is war. Three words that described most of this series, but more importantly what they face this very moment. This issue is more about preparation and everyone making their decisions final on taking the fight to Negan. Everything has been leading to […]

Thor God of Thunder #14 Review

Thor God of Thunder #14 Written by: Jason Aaron Art by: Ron Garney The Accursed: Part 2, The Wild Hunt has begun and Malekith the Accursed continues his bloody rampage across the Nine Realms. He proves to be a match for the best out there the Dark Elves have to offer and he doesn’t play […]

Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 Review

¬† Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 Written by: Brian Wood Art by: Alvaro Martinez World War X part four, Utopia is preparing to make their final move on Tian. This story has succeeded in creating that sense of suspense up to the very last moment. All the sacrifice, loss, heartache, is all for this very moment. […]

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