Knuckleheads #4 Review

Knuckleheads #4 Written by: Brian Winkeler Art by: Robert Wilson IV Last issue, Crystal Fist had proven himself somewhat of a hero after saving the city from a rampaging monster and getting the girl. We find out he can fly, he can shoot energy blasts from the crystal fist, and he blew up the monster. […]

Advanced Review: Unity #1

Unity #1 Written by: Matt Kindt Art by: Doug Braithwaite As the start to this all-new ongoing series and event of the year, Unity #1 comes out swinging. Off the bat it is very new reader friendly, you don’t have to have read anything else before this first issue to understand the story. You start off with […]

Green Hornet #7 Review

  Green Hornet #7 Written by: Mark Waid Art by: Ronilson Freire Green Hornet #7 shows just how different he is from most other heroes. Someone who is cunning enough to play both sides to get the job done and play by his own rules at the same time. This is shaping up to be that […]

The Shadow Now #2 Review

  The Shadow Now #2 Written by: David Liss Art by: Colton Worley What started out as the rise of The Shadow, turns out to be oe full of bumps and curves. Instead, Shiwan Khan is on the rise, and he is not willing to give Cranston that opening to make a move. When you […]

The Movement #6 Review

  The Movement #6 Written by: Gail Simone Art by: Freddie Williams III Fight for the future is what they do best and Gail Simone has her sights clear on just that. Tensions are running high and The Movement has to catch themselves before they fall. Not only this but the Graveyard Faction terrorizes Coral […]

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