The Shadow Annual 2013 Review

  The Shadow Annual 2013 Written by: Ande Parks Art by: Bilquis Evely The Shadow Annual shows us that classic side of The Shadow which we are most familiar with. Cunning, intimidating, in your face. Ande Parks has created a story which is easy for the modern audience to follow as a pulp story and […]

New Avengers #10 Review

  New Avengers #10 Written by: Jonathan Hickman Art by: Mike Deodato We now know what it is that has brought Thanos to Earth and why he’d take the fight once again to Earth knowing the outcome of his past attempts. For those who have read Thanos Rising, this may not come as much of […]

Infinity #3 Review

  Infinity #3 Written by: Jonathan Hickman Art by: Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver As the biggest event to unfold in Marvel this year, Infinity proves to be that perfect balance between Avengers and New Avengers that you’d just barely remember that it’s only a mini series. It’s progression is so balanced that the only […]

Venom #41 Review

  Venom #41 Written by: Cullen Bunn Art by: Jorge Coelho The hunt for Mania has begun and now we have an idea as to why. She has quickly grown to be a character you like because she’s nothing like Flash. While Flash is a lot more reserved in his actions, Mania isn’t afraid to […]

Thor God of Thunder #13 Review

  Thor God of Thunder #13 Written by: Jason Aaron Art by: Ron Garney A new tale begins and it is one of such horrific nature as the Wild Hunt has been called. Here Jason Aaron takes us into the world of the Dark Elves, and the one who’s behind the troubles they face, Malekith. […]

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