Review: Evolution #16

When there’s nothing between us and these characters like one too many mysteries? That is when Evolution is at its best. Last month’s issue gave us bolder moves, big changes, and deeper exploration into this world. I believe it when they say it’s the beginning of the end because that is the mood they have […]

Review: Naomi #4

Credit where it is due for Wonder Comics books, the approach so far has been smart between grabbing the reader and holding their attention.This is a bold initiative for DC, and that comes with the realization that you need to tell a story which understands the need for pay-off. Especially one like Naomi which treats […]

Review: Blossoms 666 #3

Who would have thought that a book called Blossoms 666 could grab your attention like this as a horror story? As a fan of Archie, its hard to read the word Blossom and not think petty twins who you can’t take seriously. Well as I said last month, I feel most of us should be […]

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