Review: Dial H for Hero #5

If you’re someone new to Dial H for Hero like me, then this right here was probably your most anticipated issue of the series, and with good reason. This isn’t one of those books where you get all of your answers right away at the start. All of those discoveries and twists are earned as […]

Review: Justice League Dark #13

I don’t think I can say it enough. Justice League Dark is underrated as a book which has fully embraced the darkest corners of the DC Universe, and even the multiverse as a story connected to the madness of the Source Wall falling. Last month’s issue was stunning for the way that our heroes took […]

Review: The Wicked & The Divine #44

Not going to lie, I was quite losing my mind over what was coming next for these once gods. They finally understood what they are, what they could have been, and what was almost stolen from them. Only to reclaim their humanity at the cost of leaving themselves vulnerable to one last danger. I mean, […]

Review: The Terrifics #18

From one end of the world situation, right into the next. I’m still pretty shocked because this new story arc has been nothing like you thought it would be. It was easy to assume that this creative team would simply ease us into the next chapter for this team, but they hit the ground running […]

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